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About Me
: I, Mrs. Michelle Lintan, am a high school teacher at 
Parkview Adventist Academy. This is my sixth year at PAA, and this year I teach Chemistry 20 & 30, Math 10C, Math 20-2, and Video Production. Along with teaching, I am also the Yearbook Advisor, SA Sponsor, and this year's Grade 11 Sponsor.  I love God, I love math and science, and I love helping others, especially youth and children. Therefore, my greatest passion is teaching students about God's love and His brilliant, wondrous Creation (through studying math and science).

Students: Thank you for giving me the privilege to teach you! On
 this website, I will post resources, handouts previously given in class, videos, notes, remind you of important dates and class information, and various items that you may need or want from my class. Just click on your course's tab, located at the top of this page, below the heading "mlintanwebsite".

*Note: You may be asked to sign into your PAA, gmail account to access particular pages on this website. If you do not prefer to use your PAA, gmail account, please send me a request with the email you prefer.

Students, I suggest you check this website over the semester for reminders of an assignment, studying suggestions, PDF formats of hand-outs, and even presentations done in class.

I will do my best to update this website, but I cannot promise you that all of the class’s information will be posted. Therefore, still pay attention in class. If you are absent on a particular day, please check online in your course's webpage or a classmate for more information, and then check the Absent board when you return to school. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me via email: michellelintan@paa.ca
Students, to check your grades, go to the following site, Maplewood Login.

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