International Club

Sponsor: Allan Wall

Allan Wall

Next Officer Meeting: Thursday, January 27th, 2011
A Lunch or B Lunch
Room 147
Speaker will be
Rob Hill
 Stillwater Emergency Management Technician
who recently visited Haiti on a relief mission.

Guest Speakers
Adrien and Clayton Francis talking about Mexico

The purpose of the International Club is to encourage cultural enrichment and experience adventurous activities as well as getting involved in the community and helping our neighbors. In order to be in International Club, students must have had or be in a foreign language.

Field Trips!
International Club's Field Trip Group Photo

International Club has a yearly field trip in which students that have attended three meetings may attend. In the 2007-08 school year International Club went to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the Napoleon Exhibit, then enjoyed a Mexican meal at the restaurant Ted’s Café Escondito in Oklahoma City.

2010 Officers
2010 International Club Officers