Transcultural Dialogues in Medical Humanities Workshop, Istanbul 
24-25 November 2016

Medical Humanities Istanbul Workshop

Call for Papers

24-25 November 2016

Medical humanities is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary field that aims at building bridges between biomedical health care and the subjectivity of the person. It is located at the intersection of a range of disciplines that focus on issues and debates on illness, health, and well-being. Its interdisciplinary nature situates illness and health in their cultural and historical contexts, as well as including discussions on ethics. Medical Humanities thus emerges as a significant platform for humanities to explore the relationship between art, literature, culture, and medicine.

In our workshop in Istanbul, we intend to convene a forum for exchange of ideas related to Medical Humanities research and its methodological approaches. We seek to discuss possibilities of collaboration between various medical and humanities fields that inquire into the human condition in its complexity, pivoting around the relationship between the body and the mind (and their varying accounts).

We invite participants to bring questions within Humanities in relation to the themes of illness, ageing, death, trauma, and mental health. We welcome papers in literature and culture and theoretical and methodological approaches to Medical Humanities.

Please submit a 250-word proposal with a 150-word bio until 5 November 2016 and direct any questions to organizers Dr. Burcu Alkan and Dr. Çimen Günay-Erkol at

This workshop is supported by TÜBİTAK