Our Mission

Our mission is to build a visualisation tool for the global "omics" (proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics) community that provides an intuitive interface to interrogate and integrate existing and emerging proteomics data.

Our Vision

We will develop a tool that will:

  • be a portal to the human proteome that can potentially be extended to be species independent
  • delineate the complex proteome in the context of the linear genome
  • enable comprehensive analysis by providing data integration and analysis capabilities
  • interrogate multiple genes simultaneously
  • provide a measure of data confidence

Project Summary

The Proteome Browser team, in conjunction with the Proteomics community, is continuing to develop an extensible evidence-based analysis tool that integrates protein data from a number of source systems and provides a web-based visualisation interface (traffic light display).

Inclusion of data into evidence-based, hierarchical data types provides the ability to glean an overview of the quality of available data quickly, while maintaining the ability to drill down to the original data. Our design allows for easy addition of both new data sources and data types as they become available.

During the first phase in 2012, three widely used data sources (NextProt, GPM and Human Protein Atlas) were integrated into a web browser interface designed to display an overview of the current evidence supporting protein expression of various gene products across the chromosome.  Extension of this interface during 2012-13 incorporated additional evidence for protein modification and transcript expression.  Addition of new data and evidence categories is on-going.

For more details please see the Project Description.

  • Provide an online tool for the visualisation and analysis of biological data to the international research community.
  • Continually expand The Proteome Browser with new data sources and data types to enable researchers to rapidly answer "big" questions.


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