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Website Requirements Act 228 of 2013 

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Co-op Directors; Elementary Principals; Middle School Principals; High School Principals; Superintendents 

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Act 228 of the 2013 Regular Session is designed to simplify the accessibility of data on public school websites.  According to Act 228, a direct link to the required information shall be easily identifiable on the homepage under a link titled “State–Required Information.” Under that link the school district shall subdivide the information by categories.  The homepage link titled State–Required Information should lead to another link with two title choices:

1.    Current Comprehensive Financial Data Reports

2.    School District Personnel Policies

Information included under Current Comprehensive Financial Data Reports should be subdivided into the following ten categories:

A.   Local and state revenue sources

B.   Administrator and teacher salary and benefit expenditure data

C.   School district balances, including legal balances and building fund balances

D.   Minutes of regular and special meetings of the school district board of directors

E.   The school district budget for the ensuing year, which shall be posted on the website within thirty (30) days following the date required to be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Education

F.    A financial breakdown of monthly expenses of the school district

G.   Salary schedules for all school district employees, including extended contract and supplementary pay amounts

H.   Current contract information for all school district employees. Social security numbers, telephone numbers, personal addresses, or signatures shall not be published.

I.      The annual budget of the school district

J.    The annual school district statistical report.

The information and data required to be made available and easily accessible on the school district's website is the actual data for the two previous school years and the projected budget information for the current school year.

A copy of Act 228 is attached for reference and additional information regarding the website requirements that Act 228 amended is available in Arkansas Code 6-11-129.