What a short busy week we had! We came back from another winter blast to celebrate the 100th day of school and good dental health habits!

Thanks parents for supporting our 100 day celebration.  We worked on showing that 10 sets of 10 make 100 and we did this even while snacking!  Also, I was so excited to add nearly everyone's name to who could count to 100.


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Monday is PE and we ask that the students please wear tennis shoes.

Snacks - we have 20 children in the classroom.

Feb 3 - 100th Day Celebration
Feb 4 - Class Group Pictures
Feb 5 - Dental Health Program
Feb 13 - Glow Germ Program
Feb 14 - Valentine Party
Feb 14 - Class Group Pictures (rescheduled)
Feb 19 - Science Magic Show
Feb 25 - Food & Nutrition Presentation