Literacy Olympics Week (March)

This year's Literacy Olympics will be held from March 5-March 9, 2018.
It is intended as a celebration of all forms of learning at OYIS.

Students will explore many subjects through the lens of inquiry, such as: language arts, science, music, PE, humanities, and Units of Inquiry. Our attitude of the week is "confidence" and our Learner Profile attribute is "open-minded". Students can win raffle tickets that will count towards points for their house and can participate in Lunchtime Literacy events during the lunch recess time. You are invited to sign-up and observe classes throughout the week.

Class Observations

PS, KA and KB will be hosting multiple periods of "stay and play" throughout the week. Sign-up sheets will be located outside of the classrooms from February 20th and parents are encouraged to sign-up from this date. 
Only three parents per observation session will be allowed. 

 G1 - G8/9 will offer at least two classroom observations each: 
these will focus on math, science, or UOI, for example.

You can sign up for each class below:

Specialists (Music, PE, Japanese) will have observation lessons throughout the week. 
No sign-up is required for these observations.

Stop, Drop, and Read!

Students will be doing Stop, Drop, and Read! at least once a day. When "Stop, Drop, and Read!" is called out on the address system, students will stop whatever they are doing and will read their book silently for 10 minutes.

**Please bring a book with you to school **

Closing Assembly

The closing assembly will be Friday, March 3rd at 13:45 in the gym. Students will celebrate their school-wide literacy achievements by participating in house challenges. Homeroom challenge winners will receive a Scholastic book certificate.
Parents/Caregivers are welcome to attend

Information Sessions
There will be no information sessions this year.


There will be a Google Forms survey sent out following the Literacy Olympics week. Please take a few minutes to give us your valuable feedback.

Thanks for visiting the Literacy Weeks website. We hope to see you during the week!
Steven Duex,
Mar 1, 2018, 8:32 PM