Whether or not you already own a car, you can use Zipcar to:  
  • Pick up supplies, go for a team lunch, or meet a colleague - without worrying about losing your parking spot!
  • Start carpooling, biking, or walking to work, even when you need a car during the work day.
  • Make sure that when your in-laws visit, they don't take your car all weekend - just have them sign up for Zipcar before they arrive!
  • Travel: Your Zipcard will work for ANY Zipcars across the United States, or internationally (including cars across Canada and Europe). 
  • Make sure your transportation needs are covered when your car's in the shop, on loan to a spouse, etc.

 So how does Zipcar work? It's a car-sharing service that provides a car, gas, insurance, maintenance, and a no-hassle parking space - all for $8 an hour.  Sound like a great deal? It is - in fact, compared to car owners, Zipcar users save about $500 per year.  Even occasional Zipcar users report great savings.  Using it is easy as well:  Just sign up online, wait a week or so to receive your official Zipcard (your 'key' to the cars), and make car reservations online as you need them. 

Get 24/7 access to Zipcars parked right on campus! Simply reserve online, let yourself in with your Zipcard and drive. Our low hourly and daily rates always include gas and insurance.

You only need to be 18+ to join. Members age 18-20 can use a dedicated group of Zipcars that live on campus. Members age 21+ also have access to thousands of Zipcars all around the world. Find cars on or around the Occidental College campus.

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Want to learn more about how Zipcar works? Check out Zipcar's main website

students, faculty, and staff: 

join for only $25 and get $35 free driving!