Books at Oxy (and Beyond)

Resources at Oxy

Resources Oxy owns may be searched via our library catalog, OASys. The catalog includes journals we subscribe to, in print or online; books we own; microfilm we own; audiovisual resources we have purchased; and ebooks we license through ebrary.

Resources beyond Oxy

There are two main routes for you to borrow materials beyond those that Oxy owns: Link+, and Illiad interlibrary loan (called ILL). Neither of these routes will cost you any money, and both can be used to find articles and books beyond the confines of what we own here. 

  • Link+ is a consortium of libraries in California and Nevada who have agreed to share their print and audiovisual resources with one another. Since the member libraries are close to us geographically, it usually does not take too long to get the items you request through Link+. Requested items are delivered to Oxy and held at the circulation desk for you.

  • ILL requests can be placed for books and articles that cannot be accessed here at Oxy or through one of the Link+ libraries.(You will need to create an account the first time you visit this site; please make your username and password the SAME as your Oxy username and password.) Unlike the Link+ system, the libraries who lend us items through the ILL process may not be geographically nearby, so it can take much longer to receive an item you have requested. I can search for books at Oxy, in Link+, and available for ILL via WorldCat.