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Employee Training

Each school district in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is required by regulation to provide annual mandated training on topics outlined by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  ALL District employees are required to participate in this mandatory training on an annual basis by reviewing the documentation contained under each topic listed below. The purpose of this training is to protect individuals and the District, and ensure that all employees know their rights and responsibilities. This online training is expected to be completed by September 30th of each and every school year by all staff members and within 30 calendar days for new hires during the school year.

Blood Borne Pathogens
Bullying & Cyber-Bullying 
Civil Rights & Section 504
Computer and Internet Acceptable Use
Confidentiality & Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Conflict of Interest
Food Allergy Awareness
Managing Life Threatening Allergies in Schools
Physical Restraint Requirements
Sexual Harassment Policy
Social Networking Policy
51A Mandated Training

After completing your review of each above-listed required topic, you must then verify your completion and understanding of all content by completing the “Mandatory Training Certification Page” below.  Please be sure to click “SUBMIT” at the end. Notification that you have completed the Mandatory Training will be sent electronically to the Superintendent’s Office for record-keeping purposes.

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted regulations for the evaluation of all Massachusetts educators, and the Oxford Public Schools began implementing them in 2012. The regulations are designed to promote growth and development among leaders and teachers; place student learning at the center, using multiple measures of student learning, growth, and achievement; recognize excellence in teaching and leading; set a high bar for professional teaching status; and shorten timelines for improvement. All OEA Members are expected to complete this training annually by September 30th of each and every school year and newly hired teachers during the school year are expected to completed the training within 30 calendar days.

After completing your review of the training information, you must verify your completion and understanding of the content by completing the Educator Evaluation Training Certification Page at the end of the training, being certain to click SUBMIT.  Notification that you completed this training will be sent electronically to the Superintendent’s Office for record-keeping purposes.  Both the presentation and Certification Page can be accessed from the same link below. 


An educational tool provided by the State Ethics Commission is a short presentation with ten multiple choice questions that present certain scenarios in which an ethical quandary has been presented and you must choose the proper course of action. A Certificate of Completion must be printed out at the end of the quiz (we highly recommend that you keep a copy for your own personal files). This must be done within 30 calendar days by new employees and also once every two years during employment thereafter. If you do not know when you last completed the online training, we recommend that you take it again. The training takes approximately one hour.



Watch the video/audio presentation and answer the questions asked.

At the conclusion of the training module, print out the “Certificate of Completion” and forward it by inter-office mail or electronically to the
Town Clerk's Office at the Town Hall.