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School Committee

School Committee Members
William C. Spitz
Term Exp: 2020
Vice Chair:
Daniel P. Coonan
Term Exp: 2021
Cassandra S. Day
Term Exp: 2019
Palmina E. Griffin
Term Exp: 2021
September Forbes
Term Exp: 2020
The School Committee is comprised of five (5) elected individuals who serve staggered 3-year terms of office.

School Committee Meetings
The Oxford School Committee holds regularly scheduled public meetings on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month and occasional special meetings or workshops for specific purposes throughout the year. All meetings are duly posted with the Office of the Town Clerk. The regular meetings are held in the Community Room of the Oxford High School beginning promptly at 6:00 p.m. and special meetings or workshops are usually held in the Conference Room of the Administration Offices. The regular meetings can also be seen on the Access Oxford Channel 194 - all regular meeting videos are kept in the Access Oxford video library which can be found at If you wish to be added to an Agenda, please contact the Chairman of the School Committee or the Superintendent of Schools by the Tuesday prior to the scheduled meeting. Thank you!

Click HERE to review the School Committee's 2018-2019 Focus Areas
Upcoming Special or Workshop Meetings Monday, March 4, 2019
Next Regularly Scheduled Meeting:  Monday, February 25, 2019
Notices of Meetings/Agendas with Meeting Materials                      
(Meeting Agendas and Materials are posted on Thursday before a regular meeting.)

Meeting Minutes

Community Service Awards
Effective with the 2018/2019 school year, the School Committee will recognize four (4) community members per year for their volunteer service and/or contributions to the community. The School Committee members will nominate, vote on, and recognize individuals at posted School Committee meetings during the year. The criteria for nominating an individual is as follows:

 - one who makes significant voluntary contributions to building a sense of unity and purpose in the community; 

 - one who assists others in improving the community through volunteer programs, social groups, outreach centers, sports programs, or after school groups; 

 -  one who demonstrates positive values and behaviors that influence others to emulate; and

 - one who influences or stimulates others to effect positive changes through personal development or self-improvement.

Anyone who wishes to suggest an individual for nomination should email any one of the School Committee members with the individual’s name along with a brief description of what they have done in the community and why you believe they are deserving of this recognition. The School Members can be reached as follows:

William Spitz            -
Daniel Coonan        -
Cassandra Day       -
Palmina Griffin         -
September Forbes   -

The following are the 2018/2019 School Committee Meeting dates where this topic will be discussed.

 2018/2019 Service Award #1       September 10, 2018               Nominations Announced
eptember 24, 2018               School Committee Votes Recipient
October 22, 2018                    Recipient Recognized at Meeting

2018/2019 Service Award #2        December 10, 2018                Nominations Announced
January 14, 2019                    School Committee Votes Recipient
January 28, 2019                    Recipient Recognized at Meeting

2018/2019 Service Award #3        February 25, 2019                  Nominations Announced
                                                        March 11, 2019                      School Committee Votes Recipient
March 25, 2019                      Recipient Recognized at Meeting

2018/2019 Service Award #4
April 22, 2019                         Nominations Announced
                                                        May 13, 2019                          School Committee Votes Recipient
June 10, 2019                         Recipient Recognized at Meeting



Helen Neidhardt - Mrs. Helen Neidhardt has been a permanent fixture and honorary Clara Barton staff member.  She has selfishly donated her time, talent, and "treasure" to the school community during the school year as well as over the summer when Helen can also be found helping to prepare classrooms, bulletin boards, and whatever else is needed.  Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious throughout the building.  Helen periodically surprises the Clara Barton staff with luncheons, snacks and other special touches. She is also extremely active at the Oxford Middle School where she created the costume for the main character in the play "Elf" which was performed at OMS.  She also decorated rooms and hallways at OMS to raise money for the classes.  Her contributions are limitless and her ongoing devotion to the Oxford Public School community is evident in the supportive efforts she provides.  You will not find many retirees that have donated every day of the school year and more to enrich the lives of so many in a positive way...adults, young adults, and children.  

School Committee Policies

School Committee Policy Manual - Last Updated November 5, 2018
Disclaimer: The Policy Manual, as posted, is a work in progress. It is noted at the end of each individual policy the date when that policy was initially adopted, reviewed, or revised and re-adopted. Some policies are currently under review and have not been officially adopted by the School Committee. Thank you for your patience as the Policy Sub-Committee and School Committee work diligently to finalize this Policy Manual. Should you have any questions regarding a specific policy, please contact the Superintendent's Office at 508-987-6050 x1111. 

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