Welcome to Ms. King's Classroom

Class Vision

As the ELA and Geography teacher my commitment is to provide students with tools to be academically successful and meet the Common Core Standards.  Various strategies will be implemented to assure success for all students.

Class Goals

·         Increase student’s achievement on the MCAS test.

·         Decrease the number of student retention.

·         Maintain a safe learning environment for ALL students.

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Email: mking@oxps.org

Tel: 508-987-6074

Website: www.oxps.org > teacher pages > Ms. King

Tutoring: Wednesdays (2 per month)

English Language Arts & Geography

Please Come Prepared to Class with:  

Proper book, notebooks, homework, pencils, planner

1  homework folder for all subjects

1 subject notebook (Geo)

3 subject notebook (Ela)

Red & blue pens / pencils /multi color highlighters

12 colored pencils

A pleasure reading chapter book

Homework Notes should be reviewed each night

ELA - several days a week/writing assignments

GEO - periodically

Student’s responsibility to record homework in their planner. Please check the planner/website each night to assure homework completion.

Writing assignments:  final copy typed

Assignments may be emailed or via Google Docs

Internet research –Google Classroom to be used at home and school

Label/color maps – world atlas or internet access needed

6th Grade Team Procedures and Policies

….in addition to OMS Handbook Policies

RESPECT: Students will respect all members of our school, their feelings, their belongings, and their personal space.  Students should use appropriate and respectful language at all times when speaking with another peer or adult.

EFFORT: Students will attempt all assignments, and exhibit their best effort every day.  Students are expected to produce quality work every day or it will be expected to be done over.  

WISE USE OF TIME: Students will attend to their work before attempting other activities.  Students must complete all classwork and projects.

ATTENTIVENESS: Students will actively listen to class discussions and follow directions to the best of their ability.  

L-Look at the speaker

I-Ignore distractions

S-Sit correctly

T-Think about what is being said

E-Expect to learn

N-Nod, smile, show interest

SELF-CONTROL: Students must keep themselves under control at all times and refrain from falling out of their seats, repeatedly talking out of turn, and/or keeping others from their work.  

PARTICIPATION: Students should be active learners in order to maximize their learning.  Students should regularly offer answers, ask questions, and be dynamic and positive group members.

HOMEWORK:  Students are required to complete all homework.  Homework should be returned to school promptly, neatly, and as accurately as possible.  Class notes should be reviewed each night.

BE PREPARED: Students must be prepared every day with all designated materials, including their planner, binder, pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, notebook, post it’s, and completed homework.

SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Students must ask for permission to leave the room and must sign out stating the time in and out of the classroom.