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enVision MATH

Welcome to enVision MATH! This year we will continue to use the enVision MATH program. The grade 6 curriculum consists of 19 Topics that will be taught throughout the year. Students have been assigned a hardcover textbook as well as a user name and password for the online version of the text. Student practice worksheets can be found and printed from the student resources tab under the table of contents. 
Academic language will be a focus in class. Using the correct vocabulary and terminology will help with comprehension of the lesson as well as computation of the problems. 

Topic 12 Ratios, Rates, and Proportions

Students in Grade 6 will be using the enVisionMATH program this year. All students have been assigned a hard copy textbook as well as a username and password for the electronic online text.  There is a link on the OXPS website under student links that will connect to the math program. There will be a focus on the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) #1, to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them and #6, attending to precision, throughout the year. Don’t forget to try the activity on the Home School Connection letter that your child received at the beginning of the topic.

Academic Language:

  • ratio

  • terms

  • proportion

  • rate

  • unit rate

  • formula

In this topic, Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT):

  • express comparisons as ratios in three ways (a/b, a to b, a:b)

  • find equal ratios and determine if two ratios form a proportion.

  • find the unit rate for a given rate.

  • compare and use rates to identify the better buy or the lower rate.

  • use a formula to solve problems involving distance, rate, and time.

  • draw pictures that represent information given in problems.



Grade 6 science topics include:
  • Physical science using mass, matter, volume and density
  • Earth science studying lunar phases
  • Life science studying types and parts of cells and body systems. 

  • Image result for pearson interactive science
The textbook we will be using this year is Interactive Science by Pearson Realize. All students have been assigned a paperback consumable copy textbook as well as a username and password for the electronic online text. ( The password for the math online and science online are the same.) There is a link on the OXPS website under student links that will connect to the science program. We will be using Explore Learning Gizmo's to enhance and re-enforce the topics. The students have been assigned user names and passwords for the Explore Learning site. 

Chapter 6 Intro to the Human Body


·         Identify the levels of organization in the body.

·         Explain how the skeletal and muscular systems work together.

·         Describe which body systems work together to obtain and transport materials.

·         Describe which body systems control communication and regulation.

·         Define homeostasis and explain how systems interact to maintain homeostasis.





Muscle tissue

Nervous tissue

Connective tissue

Epithelial tissue


Organ system


Skeletal muscle











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