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Room B-4
Instructor: Mrs. Torti  
Third Grade! 

Welcome to Third Grade!  
I am extremely excited to welcome 27 fantastic students to Room B4. Our classroom will be a respectful one filled with kindness, acceptance, politeness, and cooperation. Throughout the year, we will learn to become creative writers, life-long readers, and amazing mathematicians.

February News

  • Thursday, February 14th - Valentines Day
  • Friday, February 15th  Mustache Day
  • February 18th-22nd- Winter Break
  • February 25th- Classes resume

Basic facts are the foundation for all math. You can help your child increase their "math fact power" by regularly practicing facts.

Your public library can be a great help as you encourage your children to read. Why is it important? If you want your children to maintain or improve their reading levels, you need to keep them reading.  

Classroom Supplies
Cold and flu season is upon us! We have been going through many boxes of tissues. If you could donate any boxes of tissues or Lysol wipes it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping us stay healthy.


One of our school wide initiatives this year is student attendance. Student absenteeism, tardiness, and dismissals directly impact all students’ success in school. Our school day begins at 8:35 a.m. We will be promoting good attendance and the importance of being on time.

Lunch and Snack: The children will have lunch at 11:00. Students are encouraged to bring in a healthy afternoon snack. Due to allergies and health issues, please send in NUT-FREE SNACKS.

Homework: The students will be given homework Monday through Thursday. Please set aside some time each day to go over homework and assist as needed. Each student will have a student planner to record the homework assignment and a blue homework/communication folder to carry notices. Both of these need to return to school each day. Please help your child develop responsible study habits, which include putting their books and papers into their backpacks at night to be ready for school the next day. 
Supply List
Class Announcements; THIRD GRADE SUPPLIES
As your child enters grade three, it is important that he or she be prepared. The following is a list of items that will help your child prepare for a wonderful and productive school year.
  • 1 dozen #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
  • 2 large pink block erasers
  • 2-4 glue sticks
  • 1 box of crayons 
  • 2 highlighters
  • 2 boxes of tissues
  • 1 box of Ziplock baggies (sandwich, quart or gallon size)
  • 1 pair of sturdy scissors (Fiskars suggested)
  • 4 solid color double pocket folders. (red, yellow, blue, green)
  • 4 black dry erase markers-FINE POINT LOW ODOR
  • 1  pencil case
  • 1-5 subject spiral notebook
  • 1 container of DISINFECTING WIPES
Math Fact Practice
Practice Those Math Facts!
Even though multiplication is new and exciting this year, it is important to continue practicing those basic facts in addition and subtraction as well! Use this website to practice basic facts in all areas (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Clicking on the "F" will give you flashcard practice, while clicking on the small pencil will allow you to fill in the blanks without ever using a pencil (it corrects your answers, too). Go ahead and build your "fact power!"
Grading Practices
In general, if a student demonstrates a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the rigor subject matter, he/she will receive an A (for Advanced); if a student demonstrates a solid understanding of challenging subject matter, he/she will receive aP (for Proficient); if a student demonstrates a partial understanding of subject matter, he/she will receive a NI (for Progressing but Needs Improvement); and if a student demonstrates a minimal understanding of subject matter, he/she will receive an W (forWarning).
Helping your children succeed
 You are so important in helping your children learn.  Make sure that they get plenty of rest. 

 SPECIALS ARE FROM 10:05-10:50 P.M. except for Fridays-(1:15-2:00 P.M.)

Monday………Physical Education (please wear sneakers)



Thursday……Library (please remember books)


 Ellis Island Webquest:

Giant Panda Webquest Information:

Christmas Facts:



The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Lion and the Mouse

The Tortoise and the Hare

Massachusetts State Symbols Research:

The Journey of the Mayflower:

Plimoth Plantation Link:

What really happened at the First Thanksgiving?

Landmarks Research Project Sites

Grand Canyon:

Mount Rushmore:

Statue of Liberty:

White House:

Lincoln Memorial:

Washington Monument:

US Capital Building:

Liberty Bell:

Washington DC:

The National Mall:

No "Homework" exist(s)
Old Sturbridge Village
A living museum centered around life in the 1830's.