First Grade 2018-2019

    A Peek at our Week

    ending December 14, 2018


I sincerely want to thank each family that attended our book launch last week. I know how difficult it is to take the time from your busy schedules but your support meant so much to the children. I am so proud of each of my students. They did an exceptional job in presenting our book.

Our essential question for the week is: What is a folktale? We will be talking and reading about special kinds of stories called folktales. Check out some of the folktales offered on Tumblebooks, found under Student Links on our Chaffee school webpage. (username is Chaffee and the password is books. Tumblebooks contains hundreds of animated stories that have music, sound and narration. In Fundations, we will add suffix –s to include base word verbs as well as nouns.

Our spelling words for the week are:

hugs, bells, backs, rocks, wins, mats

Our high frequency words are:

around, by, many, place, walk

Please practice the high frequency/sight words at home with your child. It is important to be able to read these first grade words in order to achieve fluency in reading.

We will continue Subtraction Facts to 20 in math using related addition facts to find the missing part in subtraction problems. We will conclude with an assessment at the end of the week and then will begin Topic 7, Counting and Number Patterns to 120.


Veteran's Day

Our First Grade class was given a lesson on the proper etiquette and guidelines for the  American Flag.
Thank you Mr. Vincent for your service to our country!


???????  MYSTERY READERS  ?????

Mrs. Mucci visited our class and read Fly Guy Presents Dinosaurs to our class. We even created our own dinosaurs!

                                                                    Mr. Day dropped by our class during the Book Fair and read Fly Guy and the Alienzz!  


   Mrs. Gustafson and Paige surprised us as double mystery readers. 
       Paige read The Thankful Book by our class' favorite author, Todd Parr!    
      We made thankful pies to share with our families.

Mrs. Vargas visited us and read our newest Todd Parr book, Be Who You Are. 
We learned that no matter who we are, or what we look like, or where we're from,  just BE WHO YOU ARE!


Mr. Meneguzzo stopped by and read two  children's books. The Book with No Pictures was an entertaining book 
that had the children laughing so hard throughout the pages! And because they wanted to hear more, Mr. Meneguzzo 
complied and read his second choice, The Lorax, which reminded us all how important it is to take care of our earth.

Our Habitat Collages



                        PUMPING UP THE CURRICULUM

                                                 Do Pumpkins Float?            Yes, They Do!

                       We also experimented with a tomato, avocado, banana, potato, and a lemon. 
          Can you guess which one sank?  The potato! Potatoes have a higher density, which causes them to sink.


                             Our stem students counted lines and measured heights of their pumpkins. 
                             The longer a pumpkin grows on the vine, the more lines it has. Those lines 
                             determine the amount of seeds inside. We carved one of our pumpkins and 
                             had fun guessing the amount. Guesses ranged from 100- 1,000,000! 
                             The actual amount counted, dried, and sampled was 350! YUM!


              Our decorated pumpkins all decked out for the season!


Our Specialist Schedule 

Daily 2:20-3:05 pm













Some Great Websites to Visit

~Tumble Books~
animated, talking picture books

educational games in both ELA and Math
~Dance Mat Typing~

       great keyboard practice