First Grade


We have a very busy week ahead of us! We have our First Grade Ice-Cream Social Tuesday night at 6:00. We will have our Grade 1 STEP-UP Day Thursday, June 14th, visiting Clara Barton in the afternoon. And we will end our week with our much anticipated field trip to Southwick’s Zoo. Thank you for sending in the white t-shirts. We will wear them with Chaffee pride!

We will continue reviewing all the concepts of word structure taught in our first grade Fundations curriculum. The essential question for the week is: Why do we celebrate holidays? This week our class will be talking and reading about how we celebrate America through holidays.

We are currently working on a class newspaper. Every student is tackling a role to create a one-of-a kind publication. Some students are interviewing Chaffee Staff members, other are reporting on events in our classroom and many are creating cartoons. It is a fun way to review our days together in first grade!


Our Specialist Schedule
Daily 9:35-10:20 a.m.
Day #1  HEALTH
Day #2   ART
Day #4  MUSIC
Day #5  GYM
Day #6



View our presentation of Dream BIG  to the Oxford School Committee:

A LOOK at our Hats Off to 100's Day Creations!




                          Celebrating Dr. Seuss...

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