Welcome to 6A & 6B

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Mrs. Nash's Strategies for Success 


In Room 102...


Come Prepared to Class   

Proper book/notebooks/homework/pencils/Planner

1 homework folder for all subjects

1 subject notebook (Geo)

3 subject notebook (Ela)

Red & blue pens / pencils / highlighter / 12 colored pencils

Glue stick

A pleasure reading chapter book

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Turn your attendance card

Complete “DO NOW

Have homework out and completed

Have proper book/notebook/ pencil ready

Be engaged, follow along, take notes, ask questions, participate in class discussions/ complete work with best effort

Silent read when finished

Sharpen pencils before class

Sign for restroom- do not interrupt lesson

  • Check the absent folder for any work you missed.
  • Check Mrs. Nash’s web page for classwork and homework missed. 
  • Missed assignments maybe completed at home or in room 102 at 7:15-7:45 am any morning.
  •  Take tests and quizzes upon return.  

Today is good day because YOU are HERE!

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Be the best student you can be!    

Homework:  is an important practice and study skill.  Homework assignments are listed :

  1.  Classroom 102 homework board
  2.  Recorded in student planner
  3.  White board near hallway lockers
  4.  Sometimes photo on FB (Mrs. Nash 6th Grade OMS)
  5.  Homework Calendar on web page

   www.oxps.org  > 

OMS Teacher Pages >

Mrs. Nash Geography /ELA>

Homework Calendar     

  Google Classroom is often used for writing assignments and some homework.

Internet access and checking your new Google email is important.


No excuses for no homework

I support a positive learning environment for all students.  Disruption of the learning process is not acceptable.


Consequences  include :


Teacher detention

TSR referral

Office detention

MS Expectations

  • Respect your self and others
  • Follow the rules
  • Effort is required everyday, every class

Be proud of your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes.  Ask for help as needed.


             1x- classwork (some homework)

             2x - quizzes & writing assignments

             3x - tests & projects

             10 homework assignments completed = 1 grade

             EX: 7 of 10 home works completed = grade of 70

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6th Graders need....



Colored pencils are very important to our geography class.  No more crayons in 6th grade.  Please maintain 12 colored pencils in your locker and bring to class when posted on my door.  In a bind, I have colored pencils for purchase in my room for $1.00 for 12.
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Room 102 is kept cool through out the fall and winter. 

Be sure to have an extra sweatshirt or sweater in your locker.


Growth Mindset     = Click on the link to watch a video about how to train your brain to be a stronger muscle!   

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cnash@oxps.org - email anytime!