I am the grade 4 Special Education Teacher at Clara Barton School.  This is my 11th year teaching special education in Oxford.  I service students who receive individualized instruction through inclusion or small group pull-out lessons.  I love to have fun teaching by delivering engaging and challenging lessons that motivate students to want to succeed.    

Ms. Freudenthal, Mrs. Leigher, and Ms. Pariseau are the 4th grade teachers with inclusion classrooms this school year.  I will be supporting the students and teachers with Individualized Education Plans in those rooms.

Contact Information: If you would like to contact me, please do so at (508) 987-6066 or jmeneguzzo@oxps.org.  You can also follow me on Twitter @teachjm2015.  

Small Group Reading/Writing : As a Certified Wilson Reading Practitioner,  I use the Wilson Reading program in combination with other resources for my lessons.   Wilson is rolling out new materials in the next year to incorporate more comprehension work as well.  I am excited to bring these new tools into my lessons.  For those students who require a different approach to reading, other programs are used.  

What's going on in reading groups right now?  Mid-year assessments.

What am I reading?
 I am re-reading the Harry Potter series, but this time I'm doing it with my son.  I am also reading The Birth House by Ami McKay.  

Small Group Math: For those students who have small group math outside of the classroom as part of their Individualized Education Plan, I work with the classroom teacher to support the student, modifying the curriculum as needed to meet that student's goals.

What's going on in math right now? Students in 4th grade have moved on to Geometry.  They are learning about lines, angles, and how to measure angels using a protractor.