Welcome 5C and 5D Parents and Students!

Friday 01/18/19 - No School; Teacher Professional development

 No School Monday 1/21/19 - MLK Jr. Day

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Learning /Classroom Expectations:

  1. Students must come to class prepared.  This includes having their covered math and science text books, math/science notebook, math/science folders, agenda’s, sharpened pencils, and homework.
  2. Students are expected to complete their homework nightly.  If students fail to complete homework, they will be sent home with a “missing homework” slip for parents to sign.  If a student is missing 3 or more missing assignments per quarter will result in a detention.
  3. Students are required to raise their hand to answer questions, and not to speak out, or be disruptive.


Please check Powerschool on a regular basis. Any assignment that has a grade of “0” means that the student is missing the assignment because he/she did not pass it in. Once it is passed in, the “0” will be changed.  Students will lose 5 points for late assignments. Assignments have the following weights for both math and science:

  • Tests             30%
  • Quiz               10%
  • Projects         15%
  • Classwork      25%
  • Homework     10%
  • Quarterly common assessment 10%

I am sure you will find Powerschool very useful in tracking your child's progress.