Welcome to 5th grade math/science!


Multiplication of Decimals Test Friday, Nov. 16

I uploaded some photos of students involved in inquiry activities at the bottom of this page.
*Please make sure your child has at least 5 writing utensils everyday for every class. This way they are prepared. Thank you.

The Envision Math Book and Workbook are online and the Science Book, Pearson Realize, is online as well. Directions as to how to access these books were given out in August and are at the bottom of this web page. Students use their username and password to access the programs.

*Please check your child's planner for homework and messages as well as this web page, and sign up to join remind.com. 

Assignments have the following weights for both math and science:
  • Tests/Projects  30%
  • Quizzes           25%
  • Classwork       20%
  • Exit Tickets     15%
  • Homework      10%
Please contact me with any concerns: egoulas@oxps.org

Welcome to Math:

Topic 6 Multiplication of Decimals

This year you will be studying the following topics.
  • place value and rounding
  • adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing whole numbers and decimals
  • numerical expressions, patterns, and relationships
  • equivalent fractions
  • adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators
  • adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  • multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers
  • volume of solids
  • units of measure
  • data charts/graphs
  • classifying plane figures
  • coordinate geometry
Math Assignments:

Review Sheets due tomorrow and the Test on Topic 6 is Friday, Nov. 16.
Open-response due tomorrow, Nov. 15.


Math Weekly Updates:

Students are continuing to learn how to multiply decimals. The review sheets are due Thursday, May 15 and the test is Friday, May 16.  Students need to know their basic facts to be successful.
Practice your multiplication facts through 12 x 12. Students need to have these facts mastered in order to be successful.


Math Links:  


Welcome to Science:

This year you will be studying the following topics:
  • Properties of matter: What makes up matter? How can matter be described? What are solids, liquids, and gases? What are mixtures and solutions? How does matter change?
  • Forces and motion: What are forces? What are Newton's Laws? How are forces combined? How are shadows formed? 
  • Growth and survival: What are some physical structures in living things? How do adaptations help plants? How do adaptations help animals? What are life cycles of some animals?
  • Ecosystems: How do plants get and use energy? How do organisms interact in ecosystems? How do ecosystems change? How do humans impact ecosystems? 
  • The Water Cycle and weather: What is the water cycle? What are the spheres of Earth? What is weather? How do clouds and precipitation form? What is climate? What are erosion and deposition? 
  • Earth and Space: How does Earth move? What is a star? What are the inner planets? What are the outer planets? What are asteroids, meteors, comets, and moons?
  • The Nature of Science: What do scientists do? How do scientists investigate? How do scientists collect and interpret data? How do scientists support their conclusions? 
  • Design and Function: What is technology? How does technology mimic living things? What is the design process?

Science Assignments:
Sound Energy

Science Weekly Updates:

Students learned about another force, magnetism. They need to take time and study a little each night to be successful on the next testThey need to access the online book to study. A lot of the concepts are challenging. Studying less than an hour before a test is not adequate. I have students make flash cards of key words and terms and answer questions based on the chapter as their study guide..Students know how to do all four reading strategies: read aloud, partner reading, close reading, and reciprocal teaching.These strategies help students with reading comprehension in science. 
Science Links:  

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