Room D17- Mrs. Bodreau

Dear Bumblebee Families,

This is the time of year where all of the foundational skills that we have worked so hard on in class over the past 7 months comes together. I am impressed every day by the growth that EVERY child has made. I am amazed  every day when I listen to the children read to me or when I read their writing. I am one PROUD teacher.  I'm looking forward to the fabulous fun and learning we are going to have as we begin our last quarter of the year. 

Thank you for sharing your child with me,
Dendra Bodreau

As always if you have any questions and/or concerns please can contact me by email at or using the REMIND app.

Upcoming Dates:                                                                                                                                                                                                                
April 13:  favorite hat day
April 16: vacation week

April 27: favorite sports team day


                          Wonders Reading Program : Unit 7                                               
  • Sight words:  for, have, of, they, said , want         
  • Comprehension Strategy: reread and make, confirm and revise predictions
  • Comprehension Skill: compare/contrast, problem/solution and cause/effect
  • Category Words: pets
  • Grammar: nouns, verbs, adjectives, proper nouns                                                                                                         

  • Practice letter formation for capital and lowercase letters
  • Focus this week: building, reading, and spelling CVC real words and nonsense (consonant, vowel, consonant)...examples are: pig, sun, pet, fid, jat, mod
  • long vowels
  • word families
  • alphabetical order
  • diagraphs: two letters that make one sound sh, ch, th, wh, and ck
  • Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark. 
  • Using spaces between words.
  • Adding details to sentences

     Topic 12:  Measurement: volume, capacity, length, weight, and height

               Please continue to practice the teen numbers,
               counting to 100 by 1, 5, and 10's and addition/subtraction facts 0-5.

Please practice our Kindergarten sight words.
They are important for reading fluency.
    a  like
 little   is little  she  was  for
 have they  of said want here
  me this what help  too play
 has where look who good come

Specialist Schedule:

 We will have a 6 day rotating schedule for specials.
Our schedule is as follows:

Day 1:Art
Day 2: Mindfulness
Day 3: Music
Day 4: Gym
Day 5: Library/Computer
Day 6: Health

   Helpful Class Links:

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fun literacy and math activities

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