Mid Topic 4 Test on March 19/20th, 2019
Pi day, extra credit quiz on March 14th
March Madness Project due on March 28th

Topic 3 Test Answers are under Links dated Jan 30, 2019.  Page 155 of test practice

Mrs. Grzembski will be available on Thursday, Jan. 10 and 24, Feb. 14 + 28, March 14+28, April 11+25, May 9+23 for extra help after school until 3:25.  Have your son or daughter bring home a stay after slip a day in advance with how your child will be getting home (late bus, parent pickup or walk).

Welcome to Mrs. Grzembski's 7th Grade Math Page 

- Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Rational Numbers and Decimals with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

                            We will be working on Integers (Positive and Negative Numbers) with all 4 operations  

                            What does Sum, Difference, Product and Quotient mean?

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