Room 15 Mrs. Granahan 2018 - 19


Grasshopper Class
February, 2019

Tapping out C-V-C words (consonant - vowel-consonant) words.  Phoneme blending
Writing words with correct letter formation.  Complete Unit 2 and assessment

   Phonemic Awareness and Phonics:  counting words in a sentence,       rhyming words, beginning, middle and ending sounds in words, phonemic blending of Consonant -Vowel-Consonant words. nonsense words

Journal Writing

High Frequency Words
to,like, a,see, we, the, name, I, can, am,yellow, red, green, blue, orange,black, brown, purple, pink, white, and, go, do, you, my, are, he, with 
Please practice!    

Wonders Reading 
Essential Question: What kind of things grow on a farm?   
Stories: An Orange in January, Farms Around the World, Farmers Market, There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Rose, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Stories 
Listening Comprehension:  Author, Illustrator Parts of a Book, characters, setting, ask and answer questions, key details, text evidence, compare/contrast, fiction and informational texts
Vocabulary:  fresh, delicious, beneath, raise, special
Grammar:  Adjectives, review nouns, pronouns,verbs, plurals 
Descriptive sentences and using HFW in a sentence.  
  • Topic 7  Addition
  • Calendar activities:  months, days of the week, counting, using a ten frame, bundles of ten  
  • Math words to know: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, number
  • Math facts up to 5: practice addition and subtraction flash cards
        Thanks for reading and turning in the reading sheets.  It is so important to 
        read every night with your child.  Please practice reading fluency by 
        practicing the letter fluency sheets and nonsense words sent home in your          child's going home folders.   
        "The more we practice the better we get!"

        Thank you.            

 2/11    Day 5     Mindfulness
 2/12    Day 6     Music
 2/13    Day 1     Gym
 2/14    Day 2     Computer     
 2/15    Day 3     SEL
 2/25    Day 4     Art
 2/26    Day 5     Mindfulness
 2/27    Day 6     Music  


Calendar Events: 
February 15   Pajama Day
February 16 - 24  February Vacation
February 25   Welcome back from vacation!

Center Work:

ELA (English Language Arts) :   word work activities including C-V-C words and writing sentences, teacher directed group, listen and respond to stories, computer work, write around the room, sight word practice, ELA games
Math:  counting,  dice activities, writing numbers activities, play dough numbers and counting, math games, top it

Other notes:  
I can be reached by e-mail at or by sending a note in with your child in their going home folders  Thank you.   

Helpful Class Links:   Go to the website, look under student and you will find these helpful links to practice and learn new skills! 
Tumblebooks:   fiction and non-fiction stories (user name:  amchaffee      password:  books)
Starfall - Literacy and math activities
Fun activities for the brain
Fun literacy and math activities