4th Grade Rocks!

Updated:  5/3/19

My email is mfreudenthal@oxps.org.  
Please feel free to contact me at any time, and I will respond as quickly as I can. 

Nonfiction Project due:  Tuesday, June 4th!
Nonfiction Project Fair:  Friday, June 7th!  Please come!

Our 1 rule:  show respect at all times.  We discussed how respecting ourselves first and foremost will help us show respect to everyone and everything around us.     

Our Schedule:
Monday:         Gym
Tuesday:        Computers
Wednesday:  Library
Thursday:      Art
Friday:           Music

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We are focusing on respecting ourselves enough to show the world our best selves every day, all day.  A strategy that helps us do this is to THINK before we speak or act.

T- Is it true?
H- Is it helpful?
I- Is it important or inspiring?
N- Is it necessary?
K- Is it kind?

Read Every Day!
Here's a fun fact:  
Reading for at least 20 minutes per day will introduce a child to almost 2 million words per year 
So let's keep reading!
Active Listening
A major focus in our class will be active listening. 
The students will know and understand the acronym L.I.S.T.E.N.  This will help them to understand and participate in discussions and to know when to ask questions.  Active listeners are better learners!

L = Look at the speaker
I = Ignore distractions
S = Sit correctly
T = Think about what's being said
E = Expect to learn
N = Nod, smile, show interest



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Scholastic Book Orders
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Science Bug
Kim Bent, one of the scientists, came to visit our school on March 8, 2011!
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