Welcome to the new Clara Barton Library page! 

You may have heard about some fun changes taking place in our library.  In October,  Mrs. Harris became our new full time librarian and Mrs. Ryder continues on as our full time volunteer.  In an effort to "freshen up" our library, some furniture has been moved, books have been relocated, and a living room area has been created.  Mrs. Harris has been trying hard to come up with new ways to make our library even friendlier and more comfortable for our readers.  She hopes the students will think of the library as a place for reading, exploration and fun.

In addition to the standard Dewey Decimal System, we have added a new and fun way for the students to locate fiction books and graphic novels.  Our book cases have been named to reflect some street names found right here in Oxford.  Fiction and Graphic Novel series can be found on our "O-Town" map and students can easily identify their location on our shelves.  It's not unusual to hear things like "Goosebumps is on Main Street" or "Captain Underpants moved from Walnut Street to Harwood Street!"  The students seem to enjoy finding their favorite series on our map and it makes finding a book more interactive.

Please ask your children about new and exciting changes taking place in our library.  Don't be surprised if they come home repeating our joke of the day!

Happy Reading!

Vicki Harris

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