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Touch is a minimal contact sport played worldwide by men, women and children of all ages. The game emphasizes running, agility and ball-handling skills such as passing and catching. See these videos to get a flavour of this great sport!

If you’re looking for something similar to rugby without the tackling, scrums, kicking etc., touch could be just the game for you. You'll get plenty of exercise in a fun, social environment and it’s a great way of meeting people - much more enjoyable than the gym!

We've been playing touch in a fun, social environment in Oxford since 2006. All ages and abilities, men and women, are welcome to come and join in with us at Oxford Touch. There's no need for any special equipment - shirt, shorts, and trainers or boots with moulded studs are all you need.

We play amongst ourselves throughout the year, and in the summer we compete in an Oxford-based league and in tournaments throughout the UK and (occasionally) Europe.

We usually play on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7pm at Gosford All Blacks Rugby Club (map).

You can pay as you play (£3 per session) until you've decided if touch is for you, so just come along and join in - or contact us for more info.

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