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posted 25 Jul 2016, 07:03 by Mazz Image ‎(Festival)‎   [ updated 25 Jul 2016, 07:05 ]
2016 was a stabilizing year, after the significant changes we faced as an organisation in 2015.  2015 brought three new directors, new location, additional street party element, and then as the year progressed, 2016 saw two new Non-Executive Directors as well.
The task to fill funding gaps throughout the year was always going to be a struggle but as the year went on, we were able to secure funding from Lush, Oxford University, DC Payments, and most significantly over £10000 from Vodafone.  The Treasurers report will show you the full breakdown of incomings and outgoings, and with 2015 costing only £14000 in total you will see the significant progress made in funds for this year.

Last year’s AGM gave us some new roles on the Committee, and a few still need bedding in.  Success came with both the Youth Officer and Volunteer Coordinator roles, with Ari and Tim making significant progress.  We had two resignations from Committee roles over the year, and were lucky to have Jay come on board as a replacement Youth Officer mid-year.

Youth was a major focus across the year with us teaming with My Normal an Arts Project lead by Hannah Bruce and Maya Francis.  We helped fund three projects throughout the year, two producing small “Zines” and a larger project which we gave the team a brief to produce a video to promote Pride, and what made people “Proud of Oxford”.  The team were taught production techniques such as editing, camera work and music production.  The film was a great success and we thank the My Normal team for the continued commitment to Oxford Pride.  Charitable donations made to My Normal throughout the year were £2177.  The Youth Officers now have their own allocated budget to arrange activities throughout the year, and have had a few smaller events so far. We urge in incoming committee to continue focus in this area.

Fundraising efforts continued with the Bowling event, which was a huge success again and raised over £600.  The monthly quiz continues at the Jolly Farmers on the first Monday of every month and the attendance has really increased recently with around 50 people attending on average.  Pride wristbands have been on sale at the Jolly Farmers and on Pride day, and we can continue to sell these throughout the coming year as they are dateless.
The Pride Guide was a great success in quality and content.  The addition of articles from members of the community were deemed really effective.  Advertising from the guide raised £1345, and the guide only cost £497.50 to print.  Thanks to Spike for his hard work in producing it this year.

Bitten Street support was greatly received again in sourcing the food concessions and all gave great feedback from sales on the day.
James Beveridge as Community Liaison Officer attended various meetings and events this year on behalf as Pride and we thank him for his on-going efforts and especially on Pride day following an operation that week.

Oxford Pride worked closer with TransOxford this year and we would hope this year’s committee would continue to do so to help develop their Pride activities.

If I had a suggestions for the incoming committee, they would be firstly please remember that this is a year commitment and if you are looking to join the committee at the AGM only do so if you are able to commit to the whole year, time after time, it is left to a small number of people to produce the event after people drop away. And secondly we have increased the quality of the Festival Week and Pride Day itself greatly over the last two years but this has come by searching out funds and applying for grants, which isn’t an easy task.  It takes the whole Pride group to source funds, so please shout suggestions (not literally) to members of the committee so the Sponsorship Officer can follow them up and contact different companies and organisations.

I hope the incoming Committee has as much fun as we did this year putting on what I consider to be the most successful Pride event yet.

Rob Jordon
Oxford Pride Group Chair 2015 & 2016