Economist articles

PG 113

Aug. 31

    Aug. 26th issue: The puzzle of political Islam
  • "Islam and democracy" (Leaders)
  • "El Salvador: Traducing the truce" (Americas)
  • "Red tape in Nigeria: Of mandarins and men" (Middle East and Africa)

Sept. 7

    Sept. 2 issue (Floods)

  • Corruption in Latin America
  • Islamic State: Lowering the black flag
  • After the caliphate: The next scramble

Sept. 14

    Sept. 9 issue (Nowhere to hide)

  • "America's immigration laws: Let them stay" (Leaders)
  • "Atrocities against the Rohingyas: Scorched earth" (Asia)
  • "Turkish history: Recalling Manzikert" (Europe)

Sept. 21

    Sept. 16 issue (Closing in on cancer)

  • Bello:" A long haul in Venezuela" (Americas)
  • Banyan: "The people's strongman" (Asia)
  • "Germany's refugees: Hearts and Minds" (Europe)

Oct. 5

    Sept. 30 issue (Europe's new order)

  • "Women in Saudi Arabia: Driving reform" (Leaders)
  • "Cuba's economy: Slim pickings" (Americas)
  • "Legal reform: Justice served, sometimes" (China)

Oct. 19

    Oct. 14 issue (The world's most powerful man)

  • "The world's most powerful man" (Leaders)
  • Cambodia: "The man who foiled the UN" (Leaders)
  • "Speech on campus: The intolerant fifth" (United States)
  • "Brazil: Elections on a shoestring" (Americas)

Oct. 26

    Oct. 21 Issue (Left Behind)

  • "Venezuela: Divide and rule" (Americas)
  • "Spain's constitutional crisis: Grappling on the brink" (Europe)
  • "Russia's presidential election: Partisan campaign" (Europe)

Nov. 9

    Oct. 28 issue (A tsar is born)

  • "Elections in Czech Republic: Czechs and balances" (Europe)

    Nov. 4 issue (Social media's threat to democracy)

  • "Social media and politics: How the world was trolled" (briefing)

Nov. 16

    Nov. 11 issue (Endangered)

  • "A Palace coup in Riyadh" (Leaders)
  • Bagehot: "Weak and stable" (Britain)

Nov. 30

    Nov. 25 issue (The case for taxing death)

  • "Germany's government: Taking the long way round" (Europe)
  • "Labour rules: The Swedish example" (Europe)
  • "Zimbabwe: A tyrant is gone" (Middle East and Africa)
  • "Portraits of Mugabe: Binning Bob" (Middle East and Africa)


Dec. 7

   Dec. 2 issue (Yemen)

  • "Yemen's misery: The war the world ignores" (leaders)
  • "Mexico: The democratic dedazo" (Americas)
  • "Politics in Pakistan: Armed and obstreperous" (Asia)