Economist articles

PG 113

Aug. 31

    Aug. 26th issue: The puzzle of political Islam
  • "Islam and democracy" (Leaders)
  • "El Salvador: Traducing the truce" (Americas)
  • "Red tape in Nigeria: Of mandarins and men" (Middle East and Africa)

Sept. 7

    Sept. 2 issue (Floods)

  • Corruption in Latin America
  • Islamic State: Lowering the black flag
  • After the caliphate: The next scramble

Sept. 14

    Sept. 9 issue (Nowhere to hide)

  • "America's immigration laws: Let them stay" (Leaders)
  • "Atrocities against the Rohingyas: Scorched earth" (Asia)
  • "Turkish history: Recalling Manzikert" (Europe)

Sept. 21

    Sept. 16 issue (Closing in on cancer)

  • Bello:" A long haul in Venezuela" (Americas)
  • Banyan: "The people's strongman" (Asia)
  • "Germany's refugees: Hearts and Minds" (Europe)