Economist articles

PG 344, Democratization

Thursday, Jan. 14

Jan. 9 issue
  • Americas, "Venezuela: The coming confrontation"

Thursday, Jan. 21

Jan. 9 issue (Saudi Arabia on cover)
  • Politics in the Middle East: The Arab winter

Jan. 16 issue (China on cover)
  • Botswana: Losing its sparkle
  • Political tweeting in Africa: What's trending in Tanzania?

Tuesday, Jan. 26

Jan. 16 issue
  • "The yuan and the markets" (from Leaders section)

Thursday, Jan. 28

Jan. 23 issue

  • "Taiwan's remarkable election: Dear prudence" (from Leaders section)
  • Banyan: "Hallucinations and fleeting clouds" (from Asia section)

Thursday, Feb. 4

Jan. 30 issue

  • Bello: "From red tape to joined-up government" (Americas section)
  • Trouble in Tunisia: "Dying to work for the government" (Middle East and Africa section)

Thursday, Feb. 11

Feb. 6th issue

  • "Democracy in Myanmar: A new parliament opens" (Asian section)
  • Turkey "Politics: Getting off the train" (from Special Report on Turkey)

Thursday, Feb. 18

Feb. 13 issue

  • "Hong Kong: Wounded society" (from Leaders section)
  • Bello: "A time to heal" (The Americas section)
  • "Corruption: Portrait of a purge" (China section)
  • "Corruption in Ukraine: Dear friends" (Europe section)
  • "Russians in London: Government in exile" (Europe section)

Thursday, March 17

March 12 issue

  • "The Petrobras Scandal: Interrogating Lula" (Leaders sections)
  • "Women in Saudi Arabia: One step forward, one step back" (Middle East and Africa)
  •  "Equatorial Guinea: Palace in the Jungle" (Middle East and Africa)
  • "Rwanda: A hilly dilemma" (Middle East and Africa)

Thursday, March 24

March 19 issue

  • Bello "Of soldiers and citizens" (Americas)***
  • "A new president in Myanmar: Changing lanes" (Asia)
  • "Labour unrest: Deep in a pit" (China)

Thursday, March 31

March 26 issue

  • "Brazil's political crisis: Tick tock" (Americas)***
  • "Apostasy and Islam: Not advised" (Middle East)
  • "Spain without government: Stuck in the centre" (Europe)

Thursday, April 7

April 2 issue

  • "Beware the cult of Xi" (Leaders)
  • "A bomb in Lahore: The hard choice for Pakistan" (Leaders)***
  • "Following the Mugabe model" Spot the difference" (Americas)
  • "Insecurity in Nigeria: Fighting on all fronts" (Middle East and Africa)***

Thursday, April 14

April 9 issue

  • "Peru's election: Choosing a new broom" (Americas)***
  • Bello: "When a 'coup' is not a coup" (Americas)
  • "Libya's civil war: Unity, up to a point" (Middle East and Africa)
  • "South Africa: Moment of truth" (Middle East and Africa)***

Thursday, April 21

April 16 issue

  • "Iraq's politics: Abadi agonistes" (Middle East and Africa)***
  • "Ukraine's struggle against corruption: Clean-up crew" (Europe)***