Enter the world of Owl Bundy. A lewd and rewd place where the sights and sounds that drove your night meet. The Owl is many things. He is a photographer, a DJ, a filmmaker, an artist, a philosopher, a poet, a mad man, a friend, a lover and a fighter. He is a myth to some, a legend to others but a friend to all. He is that creature of the night that gets your party going and reminds you of what a banger it was. Regardless of all that is said and done, one thing is for sure, Owl Bundy has been bringing you Death From Above since 2008. So don't be shy, fly the wild skies with The Owl and soar your nightlife to new heights.  
This is a little work in progress I've been toying with for the last few weeks. I drew the whole thing on Paint and wanted to poke my eyes out with pine needles cause tree sap kept falling on my keyboard and sticking to my feathers, FOK! Any hoot, this piece is the beginning of an animation bit I'm creating. By the time I'm done (2011), this will be a full blown animation of  Owl Pal pounding some frosty ones and passing out. 
Stay away from the squirrel's nest... they're hoarding coffee beans again. Damn meth heads of the woods. I guess that makes raccoon's the crack heads then cause they're always stealing my nesting twigs to sell to those lazy ass pigeons and keep begging me for Owl sauce. FOKIT!



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