The Outlook Web App Notification Tool

This is a free tool aimed at corporate Exchange Users who use Outlook Web App (OWA) as their primary user interface for email, as opposed to Outlook itself.
OWA is missing some much needed integration with the desktop and this little application is designed to bridge that gap and much more besides - it provides the only freely available MAPI connector which allows OWA to become a true first-class Windows email client with full desktop integration.

Windows 10 notifications now working again in v3.5.1


Shell Integration Update

I have added new functionality to support Send To & Mail To functionality for Exchange 2013 servers without the need for the S/MIME component. I would appreciate any feedback on how successfully this is working for you.

Older server versions continue to require the S/MIME component to enable this functionality.

I have not tested on Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 so as far as I know this functionality is still broken on that platform.

Latest Release

v3.5.1 (5th September 2017)

Bug: Windows 10 notification bug fixed.

v3.4.0 (12th April 2014)

Important Note: due to roaming profile support, settings may be lost after upgrading to v3.4

Add: Shell Integration support for Exchange 2013
Add: EWS debug tracing
Add: Czech language support
Add: Exchange 2013 SP1 support
Mod: Updates to support changes to Office 365
Mod: Identifies itself as Outlook Web App to Windows
Mod: Support roaming profiles
Bug: Can now use default browser with Send To functionality
Bug: Now reports unread email count on start

Special thanks to Josh Baskerville for helping me out with this release.


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Well, as powerful and useful as OWA is, it does have a few drawbacks which make it slightly less intuitive to use over standard Outlook. Most of these can be worked around by applying some clever tricks however the single most annoying feature lacking in OWA is it's ability to inform the user that new mail has arrived when working on another application.

OWA will flag new mail when you are actually working with it, however as Internet Explorer doesn't allow notifications to be executed outwith the security cordon of the browser, this feature is unfortunately lacking.

Built on this initial premise, OWAtray has grown over the years to provide a wealth of useful OWA-related features which improve the user experience; primary among these being the ability to enable OWA to become a truly integrated desktop email client with Windows MAPI integration - a feature not found in any other free application of this kind.


  • Flags new mail & upcoming appointments
  • Works with Exchange 2007 SP1, 2010 & 2013
  • Office 365 support
  • No need for Outlook to be installed
  • Allow OWA to be default mail handler (free alternative to Messageware ActiveSend)
  • Full Autodiscovery support
  • Use OWA from Explorer, Office & Browser links
  • x86 & x64 support
  • Clean install and remove leaving no trace
  • No dependencies other than .NET & VC++ Runtime
  • Guaranteed no Malware, Spyware, Viruses or Usage Tracking. EVER.
  • Choice of notification methods
  • Growl & Snarl Integration with zero configuration
  • iPhone integration via Prowl
  • Configurable update frequency
  • Tiny footprint
  • Free!

How it Works

OWAtray uses a relatively new interface exposed by Exchange Web Services (EWS) which comes standard as part of Exchange 2007 (SP1) so if you are running Exchange at an older version than this then I'm afraid OWAtray is not much use to you. Sorry.

Additionally OWAtray depends on an HTTPS route being configured and tested into your corporate LAN. This is exactly the same setup as Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync use so if those facilities are up & running in your organisation then OWAtray should work seamlessly. If not, please get your System Admin to do the necessary. Lastly a properly installed x509 certificate, issued & certified by a known authority should be configured on your web server.


I developed OWAtray because I wanted this functionality for myself and couldn't find a simple free utility that plugged the gap.

At the moment, OWAtray is free and I don't see that changing in the foreseeable future. If you are of the nature where you feel you would like to contribute to the ongoing development of the software then you can kindly Donate.

I reserve the right to upload new versions as and when I fix issues or add new functionality. Refer to the Blog for the Changelog.


This is a free program, you may download it and use it without any implied warranty whatsoever.