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Math 2 Syllabus

1st 9-weeks--Module 1          
Analyzing Functions          
M2 F-IF.A.2   Domain, Range, and End Behavior      
M2 F-IF.A.1      Characteristics of Function Graphs      
M2 F-IF.A.3      Inverses of Functions      
Module 2          
Absolute Value Functions, Equations, and Inequalities          
M2 F-IF.B.4       Graphing Absolute Value Functions      
M2 A-CED.A       Solving Absolute Value Equations      
M2 A-CED.A       Solving Absolute Value Inequalities      
TEST-Ch.1(Modules 1 and 2) - Characteristics of Functions          
Polynomial Operations          
Module 3          
Rational Exponents and Radicals          
M2 N-RN.A .1     Understanding Rational Exponents and Radicals      
M2 N-RN.A .2   Simplifying Expressions with Rational Exponents and Radicals      
Module 4          
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials          
M2 A-SSE.A     Understanding Polynomial Expressions      
M2 A-APR.A.1      Adding Polynomial Expressions      
M2 A-APR.A .1    Subtracting Polynomial Expressions      
Module 5          
Multiplying Polynomials          
M2 A-APR.A .1    Multiplying Polynomial Expressions by Monomials      
M2 A-APR.A.1      Multuplying Polynomial Expressions      
M2 A-SSE.A.2     Special Products of Binomials      
TEST-Ch.2 (Modules 3,4,and5) - Polynomial Operations          
Polynomial Functions, Expressions, and Equations          
Module 6          
Graphing Quadratic Functions          
M2 F-BF.A     Understanding Quadratic Functions      
M2 F-BF.B.2     Transforming Quadratic Functions      
M2 F-BF.B.2     Interpreting Vertex Form and Standard Form      
Module 7          
Connecting Intercepts, Zeros, and Factors          
M2 F-IF.B.4a    Connecting Intercepts and Zeros      
M2 A-REI.C4     Connecting Intercepts and Linear Factors      
M2 A-REI.B     Applying the Zero Product Property to Solve Equations      
TEST-Ch.3(Modules 6 and 7) - Polynomial Functions, Expressions, and Equations          
STEM PROJECT          
2nd-9-Weeks- Quadratic Equations and Models          
Module 8          
Using Factors to Solve Quadratic Equations          
M2 A-SSE.B    Solving Equations by factoring a=1      
M2 A-REI.B    Solving Equations by factoring a>1      
M2 A-SSE.B    Using Special Factors to Solve Equations      
Module 9          
Using Square Roots to Solve Quadratic Equations          
M2 A-REI.B.3    Solving Equations by Taking Square Roots      
M2 A-SSE.B.3    Solving Equations by Completeing the Square      
M2 A-REI.B    Using the Quadratic Formula to Solve Equations      
M2 A-REI.B .2b   Choosing a Method for Solving Quadratic Equations      
M2 A-REI.C    Solving Nonlinear Systems      
Module 10          
Linear, Exponential, and Quadratic Models          
M2 S-ID.A.1   Fitting a Linear Model to Data      
M2 F-IF.B.4      Graphing Exponential Functions      
M2 A-CED.A      Modeling with Quadratic Functions      
M2 F-IF.B6   Comparing Linear, Exponential, and Quadratic Models      
TEST-Ch.4(Modules 8,9,and 10) - Quadtatic Equations and Models          
Extending Quadratic Equations          
Module 11          
Quadratic Equations and Complex Numbers          
M2 N-CN.A     Solving Quadratic Equations by Taking Square Roots      
M2 N-CN.A     Complex Numbers      
M2 N-CN.C    Finding Complex Solutions of Quadratic Equations      
Module 12          
Quadratic Relations and Systems of Equations          
M2 A-CED.A.2    Parabolas      
M2 A-REI.C4   Solving Linear-Quadratic Systems      
Module 13          
Functions and Inverses          
M2 F-IF.B     Graphing Polynomial Functions      
M2 F-BF.B    Understand Inverse Functions      
M2 F-IF.B    Graphing Square Root Functions      
M2 F-IF.B.4     Graphing Cube Root Functions      
TEST-Ch.5 (Modules 11, 12, 13) - Extending Quatratic Equations          
STEM PROJECT          
3rd 9-weeks  Module 16          
Similarity and Transformations          
M2 G-SRT.A.1   Dilations      
M2 G-SRT.A.2   Proving Figures are Similar Using Transformation      
M2 G-SRT.A.3   Corresponding Parts of Similar Figures      
M2 G-SRT.B.4,5   AA Similarity of Triangles      
Module 17          
Using Similar Triangles          
M2 G-SRT.B.5,6   Triangle Proportionality Theorem      
M2 G-SRT.C   Subdividing a Segment in a Given Ratio      
M2 G-SRT.B.5,6   Using Proportional Relationships      
M2 G-SRT.C.6   Similarity in RIght Triangles      
Module 18           
Trigonometry with Right Triangles          
M2 G-SRT.C.6   Tangent Ratio      
M2 G-SRT.C.7   Sine and Cosine Ratio      
M2 G-SRT.C.6   Special Right Triangles      
M2 G-SRT.C.8   Problem Solving with Trigonometry      
M2 F-TF.C   Using Pythagorean Identity      
TEST-Ch. 6  (Modules 16, 17, 18) - Similarity and Right Triangles          
STEM PROJECT          
Module 21          
M2 GMD.A.1.2   Volume of Prisms and Cylinders      
M2 GMD.A.1.2   Volume of Pyramids      
M2 GMD.A.1.2   Volume of Cones      
M2 GMD.A.1.2   Volume of Spheres      
    Scale Factor      
TEST-Ch.7(Module 21) - Volume          
Understanding Probability          
Module 22          
M2 S-CP.A   Probability and Set Theory      
M2 S-CP.B   Permutations and Probability      
M2 S-CP.B   Combinations and Probability      
M2 S-CP.A   Mutually Exclusive and Overlapping Events      
Module 23          
Conditional Probability and Independence of Events          
M2 S-CP.A   Conditional Probabilioty      
M2 S-CP.A   Independent Events      
M2 S-CP.A   Dependent Events      
Module 24          
Probability and Decision Making          
M2 S-CP.A   Using Probability to Make Fair Decisions      
M2 S-CP.A   Analyzing Decisions      
TEST-Ch.8 (Modules 22, 23, 24) - Understanding Probability          
STEM PROJECT