WELCOME to the 2017-18 school year and to Honors English 9 (Blocks 1, 2, 3)!!  I am excited for us to work together to enrich your scholastic progress this year.

I have taught English for 39 years, and psychology for 34 years.  All except 8 of those years have been spent at Livingston Academy, which I feel is truly my "home away from home."

I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you this year in class!


STUDENT-SUPPLIED: Three-ring binder; loose-leaf paper; pencils; highlighters.

REQUESTED CLASSROOM DONATIONS: Kleenex and paper towels. I have plenty of hand sanitizing products for the entire year, but we can't have too many donations of Kleenex and paper towels!

REQUESTED ENGLISH FEE:  $5 (used for classroom supplies such as tape, paper clips, staples, novels, etc.)

**ALL novels are classroom-supplied, except for some "free-choice" reading, which may be from library or personal supplies.

**We will discuss procedures, plans, etc., during the first few days of class.

Ms. Preston

Lesson plans:

Mon., 3/26:  Hemingway test covering several selections and E-O-C types of questions.  Writing portion included as E-O-C practice for writing to a prompt.  9-10.RL.KID1-3; 9-10.CS.4-6; 9-10.RI.KID.1-3; 9-10.RI.CS.4-6.

Tues., 3/27:  Begin in-depth review of basic conventions of grammar usage, parallel structure, punctuation, etc. in writing to prepare further for the E-O-C.  9-10.L.CSE1-3.

Wed., 3/28:  Further work with yesterday's material. Same standards.

Thurs., 3/29: Further work with yesterday's material. Same standards

Fri.,  3/30:  Wrap-up/completion of writing grammar and structure review. Same standards.