This course is a new dual credit course trial by the TN Dept. of Ed.  It is designed to be rigorous and rich with information.  Rather than a huge amount of standards, World History is designed to focus on 25 Topics, with sub-standards, on which we are to focus.  Every student enrolled will take the state's Challenge Exam at the end of the semester.  This test will determine if the student gets college credit.  However, the class grade is NOT effected by this test- unless a child does not try OR if the student passes the test.  Hopefully this is a clear explanation of the adventure we are going to be taking.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Supplies for class--
1 inch hard back binder
loose leaf paper
dividers- at least 5
pocket/regular folder
pencil/pen (NO red ink)
hi liter
colored pencils
**Requested**  (greatly appreciated!!)
Expo Dry Erase markers
Clorox Wipes/Desk Wipes
Germ X 
Clear tape
loose leaf paper

Monday- January 1-
Happy New Year!!

Tuesday- January 2
Meet and Greet
Baseline pretest

Wednesday- January 3
Vocabulary for Chapter 1        

Thursday- January 4
Notes - Chap 1

Friday-January 5
Notes- Chap 1
Rules for this class are the same as those outlined in the Freshman Academy information. Guidelines, beginning with respect, are discussed and established.

The Grading scale for this class is 
40%- Test
30%- Classwork
20%- Quizzes
10%- Notebook

* Extra credit opportunities are given within the course to allow the students the most opportunities to get the best grade possible. These will be referred to as "optionals".  There will be NO "last minute" extra credit and each student is responsible for contacting Ms. Crisp within 3 days of an absence to get their make up work.  Failure to do so can result in a 0 (zero) grade on the assignment, activity, or test.

If you have questions, please call me at 823-5911 between 7:30-2:45 or email me at anytime at

Plans for this course are laid out and specific. However, it is impossible to foresee class interruptions, student understanding of topics, or any other potential issues. Therefore, all lesson plans, topics, and activities are subject to these potential issues.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson Mandela