8th Grade ELA

Week of 12/9/19
This week we will continue reading Frankenstein. We will complete lesson 7-10 in Amplify.

Week of 12/219
This week we will continue reading Frankenstein.  Field trip is on Thursday.

Week of 11/25/19
Monday and Tuesday we will continue with our graphic novel. Happy Thanksgiving!  Reminder that Monday is our field trip. You need to bring money to eat.

Week of 11/18/19
This week we will continue with Amplify. Each day there is a possibility for homework.  If we are not able to complete the lesson in class then they will finish it at home. We are going to start the graphic novel "Frankenstein". This will probably take us a few weeks to complete.

Week of 11/12/19
This week we will start a new program called Amplify.  The first unit is over narrative and perspective.  Some classes will have homework if they are not able to finish in class.

Week of 11/4/19
Speeches will be given on Tuesday. We will start Amplify this week

Week of 10/28/19
This week the students will learn text structure and authors purpose. Speeches are Due Friday.

Week of 10/21/19
We will start this week with descriptive writing.  The students will take the common assessment Thursday and Friday. The vocabulary test will be next Monday.

Week of 10/7/19
We have finished the book!!!! We will have a test over the whole book on Monday. On Tuesday, we will have our open book vocabulary test.  I plan on watching the movie Wednesday and Friday for those that have brought their permission slips back.

Week of 9/30/19
We will read Ch. 10-12 this week. The students will fill out a timeline and create a comic of the story when we are finished. Portfolios will be due next Tuesday. Vocabulary test is 10/9/19. 

Week of 9/23/29
We will read Ch.8-9 of The Outsiders this week. Wednesday will be 4-H day, their speeches will be due Nov. 1. The Flocabulary test will be this Friday.

Week of  9/16/19
We will continue with The Outsiders this week. I will be talking about symbolism and characteristics. The students will receive their  vocabulary words Tuesday and the test will be 9/27/19.

Week of 9/9/19
This week we will be taking our first open book test about Chapter 1&2.  We will continue with The Outsiders Ch. 3-5.  We will talk about characteristics and symbolism and how it is used in the book.  The vocabulary test will be this Friday. 

Week of 9/3/19
This week we will start out portfolio for The Outsiders.  They students will be placed in groups to start their book study.  The vocabulary test will be 9/13/19

Week of 8/26/19
We will be finding text evidence this week. We covering prepositional phrases, allusions, and fallacious reasonings. We will have a vocabulary test Friday. The students were given study guides Monday.

Week of 8/19/19
This week we will start covering prediction, inferences, and character traits. The students were given vocabulary study guides on Monday. The test will be Friday.

Week of 8/12/19
This week we are continuing to work on narrative writing. We will be having our first vocabulary test Friday. The students received their vocabulary words last week.

Week of 8/5/19
Welcome back! This week the students will learn the classroom rules, classroom routines, lockers, and homerooms.  We will start narrative writing Thursday and Friday.