8th Grade ELA

Week of 12/17/18
Party on Tuesday! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Week of 12/10/18
We are creating our Christmas raps this week. Final Poetry test Thursday.

Week of 12/3/18
We are starting poetry this week.  Vocabulary test 12/6/18

Week of 11/26/18
We are going to start Expository writing this week.  Vocabulary test Tuesday.

Week of 11/19/18
We will have our bowling trip on Monday.

Week of 11/12/18
We will have our vocabulary test Tuesday.  We will start exploring expository text this week.

Week of 11/5/18
We will finish up with identifying information text. Flocabulary test is Monday.  We will be talking about Veteran's Day this week.

Week of 10/29/18
We will have our vocabulary test Monday.  The students will be learning about the different types of texts and author's purpose. Wednesday is Halloween

Week of10/22/18
We will have out first common assessment that will take place on Monday and Tuesday.  We will review on Wednesday and get ready for speeches on Thursday.  Friday will be the presentation of 4-H speeches. Vocabulary test Monday.

Week of 10/15/18
Welcome back! We will be having a Vocabulary test this Friday.  This week the students will work with different types of writings.

Week of 10/1/18
We are completing our portfolios this week and turning them in.  We will have "The Outsiders " test/ vocabulary test this week.  We will watch "The Outsiders" movie this week also.

Week of 9/24/18
We will be completing Chapter 8-9 of The Outsiders.  The permission slips for the movie are due this Friday.

Week of 9/17/18
We are going to complete Chapters 6-7 of The Outsiders.  We will not have a vocabulary test this week. Permission slips for the movie will go out this week.

Week of 9/10/18
We have completed Chapters 3-5. Flocabulary test will be on Monday 9/17/18.  The students have their study guides.

Week of 9/4/18
We have completed Chapters 1 and 2 this week. No Flocabulary this week.

This week we will be starting our novel "The Outsiders". Flocabulary test on Friday.

This week we are going to work on symbolism, plot, and characterization.  Flocabulary test of Friday.

This week we will reading "Raymond's Run".  We will working on citing evidence and allusions.  Flocabulary test in on Friday.

This week we will be going through our weekly routines.  We will start learning about predictions and context clues.

Welcome Back!!