Course Syllabus
  • Algebra 1 Course Syllabus
  • Algebra 1 Pacing guide
  • State Standards

 Supply List:

  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Graph paper
  • 1"-2" 3-ring binder (for Math 1 only, no other subjects)
  • Ruler
  • Pencils/erasers
  • Red (or color other than black or blue) pens for grading
  • Flash drive (especially if you do not have home internet)
  • Calculator (TI-30XIIS)


Week of 3/26

Algebra 1 - 

MondayEOC Review

Tuesday EOC Review

Wednesday:  EOC Review

Thursday:  EOC Review

FridayEOC Review

Algebra 1A - 

Monday:  Absolute Value Equations, A.CED.A.1, A.REI.B.3

Tuesday: Absolute Value Equations, A.CED.A.1, A.REI.B.3

Wednesday:   Absolute Value Equations, A.CED.A.1, A.REI.B.3

Thursday:   Absolute Value Equations, A.CED.A.1, A.REI.B.3

Friday:   Compound Inequalities Review, A.CED.A.1, A.REI.B.3