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3rd Grade Language Arts

I want to take a minute to introduce you to a year of Third Grade Language Arts and the expectations that we have for our students. Mrs. Story and I co-teach Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.  This means that we both will be teaching these subjects to your child. Your child have approximately 3 hrs. each day for Language Arts with science and social studies integrated.  
You will begin to see that this is the year that reading begins to change a little from what you are used to seeing.  Although we will continue to focus on phonics and decoding skills, we will not put as much emphasis on this area as much as students have in previous years. We will be focusing on learning to use reading strategies and skills to help us understand what we are reading. We will be learning about the different types of genres, reference materials, features in a text, and other comprehension skills. Students will also learn to find evidence to support their reasoning and answers to questions. We will also spend a great deal of time focusing on writing skills, and how to improve our writing.  Students will be learning the conventions and mechanics of English and how to apply them in all subject areas. English tests will be given at various times throughout the year. Most likely every other Friday.
Our Reading Language Arts program is Core Knowledge.  Your students experienced their first year with this program last year.  We absolutely love all of the new knowledge that students acquire with this program.  Our expectations are high, and we know that each student has the potential to succeed. We look forward to working with each student and with parents, as well.