Homework Assignments

Homework is very important!  It develops organization skills and establishes responsibility.  Homework will also be written in their student planner.  It is their responsibility to write it down when told, complete it, and bring it back.  Students will be held accountable for homework assignments.  

*Reading Homework:
    Read the reading story WB page that is written in the planner.   This is important to help students improve their reading comprehension skills, as well as develop vocabulary and literacy skills. Sign and return this WB page. Most days students will either have a page to read or a practice page for homework.

*Spelling Homework:   

     Students will be expected to complete 3 assignments for spelling for each spelling list.  These assignments are due the day of the spelling test and should be stapled together and placed in Mrs. Story’s basket.  Assignments can be placed in the basket at anytime throughout the week, so turn them in as soon as they are completed.
        1.  Write all words 10 times each 
        2.  Write 10 good sentences using any 10 words            
        3.  Write 1 paragraph using 5 other words of your choice.  Paragraphs must stay on one topic and be well written.

*Language: Use the language bell ringer to help study for language tests.  Language test will be given every other Friday covering these skills. 

*Science / Social Studies:  Students will have a Science and a Social Studies packet to complete at times.  This will be written in their planners when assigned, along with the due date.  

*Study for reading test when possible.  It is very difficult to study for a reading test. For this reason, it is important that students are at school and miss as few days at possible.  Students need to pay attention in class and learn the reading strategy taught so they can be applied to any new text that they may read. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT STUDENTS HAVE ALMOST 3 HRS OF READING EACH DAY SO BEING AT SCHOOL IS EXTREMEMLY IMPORTANT!

**Students who do not have homework assignments the day that it is due will receive a 0 and sit at recess to complete the assignment.  This will ensure that students are learning the skill and also hopefully give them an incentive to complete the homework on time.