Everything You Need to Know About Third Grade

Everything You Need to Know About Third Grade



            Each child will have a special binder in which they MUST carry to and from every class. These binders are to be taken home EVERY NIGHT even if no work was assigned for that day.  You will find graded work on the right side for you to take out as it is passed back to students.  Assignments that are a “work in progress” is most of the time finished at school and will be on the left side.  It is very important that you do not take these out! However, if something needs to be finished at home for homework, it should be written in the student’s planner and therefore is ok to take out, complete, and return to the folder for the following day.  Students are also required to write down any test that are going to be given, so they will remember to study. Teachers will write the assignment on the board and give ample time for students to write it down. Students are expected to do this at all times!




            Your child’s binder will contain two folders.  The yellow folder will be the math folder and the purple folder is for all other subjects (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies)


Classroom Websites


Each classroom has a website available for your convenience. There are lots of good information and resources on these websites.  Be sure to check them out. Addresses will be on the front of the class folders.


Discipline Procedures

Students who do not follow the class rules will have consequences. The consequence will depend on the severity and frequency of negative behavior.


*Students will have their name on the clipboard if he/she breaks a rule, is disruptive, or does not have an assignment. Each time students get their name on the clipboard, he/she will lose 15 min of recess.  Also, for the first two weeks, students who get their name on the clipboard 5 or more times in a week, will receive a discipline form.  Beginning the third week of schools, students whose name is on the clipboard 3 or more times in a week will receive a discipline form.  We are allowing two weeks for students to adjust to a new grade, new teachers, and the rules, procedures, and expectations.


*Please remember that students who receive 5 discipline forms will not be allowed to attend any field trip for the year per Overton County School Policy. Offenses may include fighting, bullying, cheating, lying, stealing, not having homework, excessive talking, continuous misbehavior in class.

*In some severe instances, such as, fighting, bullying, and repeated offences, etc. student will immediately be sent to Principal’s office.





The following grading scale is used by the Overton County School Systems.

A  =  93 - 100

B  =  85 - 92

C =  76 - 84

D =  70 - 74

F =  Below 70


Grades will be determined by daily class work, quizzes, tests, projects, homework, and student effort. Tests and quizzes will count for 60% of the student's grade. Homework, class work, and special projects will count for 40% of the student's grade.  Letter grades are new to students at this age, so please try to go over your child’s papers and grades with them.



            Students who do not have their homework or can not find an assignment that should have been in their folder will receive a 0 for the assignment, stay in at recess to complete but will not receive a grade other than the 0 (the purpose of staying in at recess is to ensure that the student has learned the skill needed), and will put his/her name on the clipboard.



Please feel free to send a snack with your child daily.  However, please keep in mind that students may or may not have time for snack.  If so, it will most likely be the end of the day.  If you do not send a snack for your child, then your child will not have a snack.


Spelling Assignments

                Students will be expected to complete 3 assignments for spelling for each spelling list.  These assignments are due the day of the spelling test and should be stapled together and placed in Mrs. Story’s basket.  Assignments can be placed in the basket at anytime throughout the week, so turn them in as soon as they are completed.  These 3 assignments are:  1.  Write all words 10 times each  2.  Write 10 good sentences using any 10 words  3.  Write 1 paragraph using 5 other words of your choice.  Paragraphs must stay on one topic.