6th Grade Math

December 17th-18th
Monday Reward Day
Tuesday Christmas activities

December 10th- 14th
Monday IXL Z.5
Tuesday IXL  Holiday handout Decimal review
Wednesday IXL Z.6
Thursday Review one-step equations and combining like terms
Friday Review

December 3rd - 7th
Monday - Equations  IXL Z.1
Tuesday - Solve for "X" IXL Z.2
Wednesday - Snow Day
Thursday - Write an equations from words: IXL Z.3
Friday - Model and Write equations IXL Z.4 and Z.5

November 26th - 30th
Monday - Review Evaluating Expressions and complete IXL Y.5 to a score of 80 or higher. 
Tuesday - Study Guide and Review on Schoology
Wednesday -  Test
Thursday - 11.1 - Writing Equations to Represent Situations
Friday - 11.2 Addition and subtraction Equations

November 12th - 16th
Monday, November 12th - Veteran's Day - No School
Tuesday, November 13th - Modeling and Writing Expressions
Wednesday, November 14th - Evaluating Expressions
Thursday, November 15th - Generating Equivalent Expressions
Friday, November 16th - IXL Y.10 Expressions

October 29th -November 2nd
Monday - Discuss Order of Operations, watch Math Antics and complete IXL O.3
Tuesday- IXL O.6 and O.9
Wednesday - Halloween dress up contest and parties!
Thursday - Review Exponents, Prime Factorization and Order of Operations; Test
Friday - Modeling and Writing Expressions

October 22nd - 26th
Monday - Review
Tuesday - Common Assessment
Wednesday - Intro to Exponents, Watch Math Antics
IXL D.1, D.2, and D.3
Thursday - That Quiz over Exponents;
IXL D.4 & D.5
Friday - Prime Factorization, Watch Math Antics and complete IXL

**Tips for Dividing Fractions in word problems

September 2018
Week of 24th - 28th
Monday - Coordinate Planes

Tuesday - IXL. X.1 and X.2 We used class time to complete and they are suppose to have all lesson through X.6 completed by Friday.
Wednesday - IXL X.3 and X.4 Distance on the Coordinate Plane

Week of 17th - 21st
Monday - Decimals in Arithmetic - review with https://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/decimal-arithmetic  
IXL G.1, H.2, H.4 (10 questions in each section during class) This is only homework if not completed during school hours. 

Tuesday - Finish IXL G.1, H.2, H.4 (first 10 on Monday)

Wednesday - Review Decimals - Notes in Portfolio, Review Decimal Division including a decimal in the divisor and dividend.   

Monday - September 10th - Fraction Division Quiz and Lesson over fraction word problems.

Tuesday - September 11th - Module 5 Dividing
Wednesday - September 12th- IXL C.5 and C.6
Thursday- September 13th - IXL F.1 and F.2

Friday, September 14th - In class we completed a "That Quiz" and reviewed multi-digit division. 
Homework - Watch the Math Antic Video "Decimal Arithmetic" in the 1st tab, scroll down to the middle of the list. 

Thursday, September 6th - That Quiz - If you didn't finish in class then complete up to 5  problems as homework. 
Here are two videos over dividing fractions and dividing mixed numbers:
Friday, September 7th - That Quiz  review/practice over Dividing Mixed Numbers and inequalities https://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/dividing-fractions 

August 2018
Monday, August 20th - Lesson 3.1 Classifying Rational Numbers
Tuesday, August 21st - Identifying Opposites and Absolute Value of Rational Numbers
Wednesday, August 23rd - Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers
Thursday, August 24th - 3.3 Ordering Rational Numbers 
Friday - Study Guide Review

Monday, August 13th - LCM (Least Common Multiple) and GCF (Greatest Common Factor) worksheet in class. Remember Test Tomorrow! 

Tuesday - Test over GCF and LCM
Wednesday - positive and negative integers
Thursday - Absolute Value and inequalities

Monday, August 6th - Dividing Fractions
Tuesday - Beginning of the year diagnostic test
Wednesday - Greatest Common Factor
Thursday - review GCF and complete Lesson 2-1 pages 20,22-24 in class. 
Friday - Least Common Multiple (LCM)