Friday November 16
Test over Chapter 19
Binder Check
Portfolio Check
Workbook 19.1/19.2 Due

Thursday November 15
Bellringer: Define and Draw an example of a Cladogram(#14)
Activties: Read 19.2
Workbook 19.2
Review for test on FRIDAY over Chapter 19

Wednesday November 14
Bellringer: Define Binomial Nomenclature(#13)
Activities: Dichotomous Key in Binder
Finish Classification Video 

Tuesday November 13
Bellringer: Define Classification(Biological terms)(#12)
Activities:Read 19.1
Start Classification Video
Workbook 19.1

Monday November 12
No School
Veteran's Day Observed

Friday November 9
Bellringer: ACT #11
Chapter 17 TEST

Thursday November 8
Bellringer: Artificial Selection #10
Activities:Natural Selection Lab
Complete Chapter 17 Review
TEST over Chapter 17 on Friday

Wednesday November 7
Bellringer:#9 Define Natural Selection-Describe under what conditions it occurs.
Activities: Darwin's Finch Adaptation Lab
Chapter 17 Discussion Review-PPT/Notes

Tuesday November 6
NO SCHOOL- Election Day

Monday November 5
Bellringer:(#8)Evolution-What is it? Is it a fact? Do you agree? Why or why not?
Activities: Evidence for Evolution Color Sheet
Evidence for Evolution Video
Chapter 17 packet for Review
*All assignments on Pearson(textbook) should be completed*
*All workbook pages for Chapter 17 should be completed and turned in*

Friday November 2
We are moving to room 14- Mr. Lee's for the day
Activities: Review
Game Day

Thursday November 1
Bellringer: #7  4square for Homologous Structure, Vestigial Structure and Analogous Structure
Activities: Evidence for Evolution Video
Read 17.4
Workbook 17.4 
Chapter 17 Assignments on Pearson
End of Chapter 17 Review

Wednesday October 31:
Bellringer: #6 Define: Variation, Adaptation, Fitness and draw example 
Read 17.3-answer notebook reading checks
Peppered Moth Worksheet (Schoology)(1st/2nd/3rd Blocks)
17.3 Workbook/ pages 213-215

Tuesday October 30th
Bellringer: #5 Natural Selection Foldable- Darwin's Finches
Activities: Natural Selection Worksheet (Darwin's Natural Selection-worms)(Binder #1)
Natural Selection Worksheet (Evolution by Natural Selection-mouse)(Binder#2)

Monday October 29:
                                                     Bellringer: #4 Natural Selection Foldable- Darwin's Principles
Activities: Natural Selection Video
Read 17.2- answer notebook reading checks(finish as homework)

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