8th Grade Social Studies


Today we will be going over standard 8.06.
Students will watch a video about Pennsylvania Colony, and complete an assignment in class.


Today we will be covering standard 8.07
Explain the reasons behind the settlement of the Georgia Colony, including: its design as a "debtor" colony, its function as a "buffer" colony, and the role of James Oglethorpe in its founding.
Tomorrow student will have a quiz over standards 1-6

Today we will continue to cover standard 8.08.
Locate and identify the Thirteen Colonies and describe how their location and geographical features influenced regional economic development.
Student will complete a map and a chart about of the colonies.
Tomorrow we will have a quiz over standards 8.07 and 8.08.

Students will work on standard 8.10 Identifying the origins and development of slavery in the colonies, overt and passive resistance to enslavement and the Middle Passage. 
Tomorrow(Friday 8/31/18) we will have a quiz on Standard 8.09 and 8.10.

Today we will have a quiz over standards 9 and 10. Afterwards we will watch a video about Standard 8.11 Describe the significance of the First Great Awakening,, including the role in unifying the colonies and growth of religious tolerance.


Students will be working on Standard 8.11. They will write an article describing the significance of the First Great Awakening, including its role in unifying the colonies and growth of religious tolerance.


We will be covering Standard 8.12 Explain the Navigation Acts and the policy of mercantilism. Students will watch a short video about salutary neglect, Navigation Acts and mercantilism. Tomorrow 9/6/18 students will have a quiz over standards 8.11 and 8.12. They will also have a quiz over one of the standards 8.1-8.10. For best results they should review each standard.

This week we have been doing Aims Web testing. During class time we are working on The Revolutionary War, If you get a chance try to watch The Patriot this weekend. Next week we will be making presentations using Google slides on our Chrome book about the war.


Today we discussed the massacre at Fort Loudoun. Fort Loudoun is located between Cookeville and Knoxville it is a great day trip for the weekend. Monday 9/17 is Constitution Day students will receive a 100 for wearing patriotic attire on this day. 


Today we talked about and learned about the U.S. Constitution.


We are studying about Benjamin Franklin and his political contributions to the forming of the United States of America. We are focusing on the Albany Plan of Union and his Join or Die cartoon. Students will be constructing google slides to transmit their understanding of the subject.


Today we will be covering Standard 8.18 Explain the historical and present-day significance of the Declaration of Independence. Students will listen to the Declaration and be provided a copy of the Declaration to read and dissect.


We will be comparing the views of Patriots and Loyalist.(Standard 8.19) Tomorrow students will be tested over standard 8.16,8.17, and 8.18.


Today we will be working on our project Google Slides about the American Revolution. Tomorrow students will begin presenting them to the class. This project covers Standards 8.13 thru 8.20. 

10/3 and 10/4 2018

We will be presenting our projects to the class and reviewing the American Revolution.


We will watch a documentary about the American Revolution.


Today we will finish Standard 8.21 that deals with the Articles of Confederation, Northwest Ordinance,  and Shay's Rebellion. Students will take a quiz at the end of class.


Today we will be doing Standard 8.22 that discusses the roles of Jame Madison and George Washington during the Constitutional Convention and analyze the major issues debated including the Great Compromise and the 3/5's Compromise.


Today we will be taking the common assessment test using Schoology. This will not be a grade, but will be used to assess where we need to focus in the up coming weeks.  


Today we will going over George Washington and the precedents he sets as the first president. This will cover standard 8.24. We will also discuss his farewell address and the Whiskey Rebellion. 


We will explore the controversies that plagued the administration of President John Adams, including: the conflicts with Great Britain and France, the XYZ Affair, and the Alien and Sedition Acts.


Students will take a test over Standards 8.25-8.29. Then students will work in groups to complete a collage about Standard 8.30.


We will be watching a video about the War of 1812 and learning about impressment and trade restrictions between the U.S. and Great Britain. We will also learn about the failed invasion of Canada.


Today we will be studying about Andrew Jackson. Students will be reading, watching videos and answering questions about Andrew Jackson.  

Today we will talk about Andrew Jackson and also take time to watch a film about the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Today we will be talking about Nat Turner and ways that slaves resisted slavery. 

Today we will be creating Christmas Cards for the OCNH.