5th Grade

Social Studies

Monday, Jan.13: Women's Suffrage: lesson number 6.    Reviewed information from previous lessons.  Read lesson as a group and answered questions together.  War of Roses handout-  Finish notes and class discussion on the Spanish American War

Homework-  no homework,

Tuesday, Jan.14:  Review Spanish American War.  Assign Comic Strip over Spanish American.  Went over direction and examples on how to finish comic strip.  Students will work on this in class today and tomorrow.  If not finish on Wednesday, it will be homework.  It is due Thursday.

Homework-  No Homework

Wednesday, Jan.15:  Work on Spanish American War Comic Strip.

Homework- Comic Strip

Thursday, Jan.16:   Questions over Spanish American War.  Students can use their book.  

Homework-  No Homework

Friday, Jan. 17: Questions over Spanish American War.  Students can use their book.

Homework-  No Homework


No  Red Ink-  Every week 1-3 lessons will be posted for each student to complete.  If student makes a 75 or higher, that student will make a 100 on assignment.  

Each assignment starts out with a lesson for the student to read.  The lesson explains the information that will be covered in the practice questions.

Monday, Jan.13:  Caught Ya: Amiable-kind. Using commas to separate an introductory phrase or clause ( handout).   2 stories on CommonLit- 1 story was whole class discussion.  The other story was completed in groups or pairs.  No Red Ink- 1 assignment- due Friday.   

Homework- Students had time to work on assignments in class.  Comma handout- due tomorrow.  NoRedInk- due Friday.

Tuesday, Jan.14: Caught ya; twinge- stab of pain.

Check comma homework from yesterday.  Start expository writing.  Read article on Spanish American War.  Venn diagram comparing and contrasting information from the article and Social Studies' book.

Homework-  No red ink- due Friday ( same one from Monday)

Wednesday, Jan. 15: Step by Step writing an expository essay.

Homework-  No red ink- due Friday (same one from Monday)

Thursday, Jan. 16:


Friday, Jan.17: 

Homework-  No Homework