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Supplies needed for my classes: Pen/pencil and paper each day.

Class Schedule for Spring 2019: Room #47 Hog-Eye Holler Hallway

1st Block - Planning


2nd Block - Agriscience

3rd Block - Dual Credit Intro To Plant Science

4th Block - Natural Resource Management

5th Block - Agriscience

Week of 3/18/19

Agriscience Standards

Monday - Electricity

Tuesday - Electricity

Wednesday - Electricity

Thursday - Electricity

Friday - Electricity

Intro To Plant Science Standards

Monday - Greenhouse Lab

Tuesday - Greenhouse Lab

Wednesday - Greenhouse Lab

Thursday - Greenhouse Lab

Friday - Greenhouse Lab

Natural Resource Management Standards

Monday - Boater Safety

Tuesday - Boater Safety

Wednesday - Boater Safety

Thursday - Boater Safety

Friday - Boater Safety