About the Teacher

About the Teacher

NAME: Jamie Loftis

SCHOOL: Livingston Academy

CLASS: U.S. Government

SCHOOL PHONE: 931-823-5911

Email:  jloftis@overtoncountyschools.net   

My name is Jamie Loftis. I live in Rickman with my wife, Amy, and our 
children, Brooklynn, Tyler and Levi. Amy teaches fourth grade at A.H. Roberts 
Elementary School. Brooklynn is ten years old, Tyler is four, and Levi is one month old.

I graduated from Livingston Academy in 1992 and received my B.S. in History 
from Tennessee Tech. in 1998.  I earned my M.A. in Instructional Leadership 
in 2010 and my Ed.S. in 2011 from Tennessee Tech.  This is my 19th year of 
teaching at Livingston Academy.

In this class, students will study the purposes, principles, and practices of 
American government as established by the Constitution. Students are expected 
to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and how to 
exercise these rights and responsibilities in local, state, and national 
government. Students will learn the structure and processes of the government 
of the state of Tennessee and various local governments. The reading of 
primary source documents is a key feature of United States Government and 
Civics standards.  

Our goals are to gain a greater understanding of United States government on 
the local, state, and national levels.  You should also gain a better 
understanding of how government directly affects you, and how you affect your 
government.  In order to satisfactorily complete this course, you must 
attend, pay attention and complete your assignments.