Overton County instructional coaches are available for all subject areas in at all grade levels

The purpose of the coach is to provide support in all areas of the curriculum, instruction, and 

assessment.  We are your fellow classroom teachers with the common goal to support staff and student

learning.  Our goal is to help to increase student achievement by providing a safe, confident learning

environment in which teachers can openly discuss and share the challenges they face and any ideas they 

have.  District RTI personnel play an important role in decision making, data and improvement plans.  

Please know that we are all in this together to ensure that we have a successful school year.

Betha Crabtree, Inst. Coach               bethacrabtree@overtoncountyschools.net
Brent Thrasher, Technology                bthrasher@overtoncoutnyschools.net
Rebecca Jenkins, RTI                         rjenkins@overtoncountyschools.net
Deanna Savage, Inst. Coach                dsavage@overtoncountyschools.net
Melissa Smith, RTI                              melissasmith@overtoncountyschools.net
Barbara Vaughn, Inst. Coach               bvaughn@overtoncountyschools.net
Debbie Roddy, RTI                              droddy@overtoncountyschools.net