Glo Germ

Hand Washing Training Kits
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    Glo Germ and GlitterBug Hand Washing Kits

Glo Germ and GlitterBug Kits help teach hygiene and infection control principles.  The kits come in many different sizes and with accessories.  Kits are complete with either or both fluorescent powder and gel and a black light.
Fluorescent Gel or Lotion is used in many infection control demonstrations for schools, medical organizations and food service establishments.  The Gel or Lotion is applied and then checked with a UV Black Light.  It is used to detect how well something (hands, door knobs, equipment, bathrooms, sinks, tools, etc.) is being cleaned. 
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    Glo Germ Fluorescent Powder

Fluorescent Powder is used as simulation germs to demonstrated how far and fast germs can spread.  Sprinkle the fluorescent powder on door knobs, toys, hands, equipment, pencils or other items.  Use a UV Black Light to see where the germs travelled. 


    UV Black Lights for Glo Germ

Black Lights are used in infection control to show how far and fast simulations germs travel.  Once the fluorescent gel or powder is applied, use the black light to illuminate the germs.  Black lights are available in wand lamps, flashlights and other forms.  Choose the right type for frequency and class size you have.

    Instruction Manual

The Mini Instruction Manual is included with every packet.  The Manual contains a lesson, ideas and other information to help you conduct an effective infection control lesson.  

    Clue Spray (TM)

Clue Spray is an aerosal spray that has fluorescent particles.  Spray the simulation germs on desks, equipment, clothes, hands, door knobs and other places to demonstrate proper environmental cleaning principles.  Have the students clean the area and check it again with the UV Black Light to see if they effectively cleaned.

    Training DVD

The training DVD contains proper hygiene principles and information about infection control.