Glo Germ Lessons for Health Teachers and Microbiology

posted Dec 9, 2013, 10:14 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 8:14 PM ]
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Teaching a high school or middle school health class can pose a lot interesting challenges. What are you to teach that will help these young individuals learn how to live more healthy? Speaking specifically about hygiene and infection control, what habits can be instilled to get the maximum level of health?

We all know that if we can obtain great health habits while young that they will be easier to maintain later on. Some of the great health principles you can teach with the Glo Germ Fluorescent Gel System include:

Health Lessons with Glo Germ

  • Hand Washing (Show how well hand washing needs to be done to remove germs)
  • How Germs Spread (Put germs on items and then have them do routine tasks and then use the UV backlight to show how far germs spread)
  • Coughing Not Covered Effects (Use the fluorescent powder to show how they spread. Use the UV black light to show the students where the germs are)
  • Effective Cleaning (Spread the simulation germs which go on almost invisible. Have the students clean how they normally do. Show them the germs that are left because of ineffective cleaning)
  • Not Sharing Food Items (You can show how germs from hands and mouths get passed around from multiple people. Do they really want to capture others' germs?)
  • Not Sharing Personal Hygiene Products (Put the Glogerms on combs and other items to show how germs spread from hands to face to mouth, etc.)
Glo Germ is a system to show how germs are spread. The fluorescent gel or fluorescent powder goes on almost undetectable to hands, pencils, clothing, etc. to teach hygiene and infection control lessons. Simply take a UV black light to show how germs may seem invisible but they are really there.

You can have a lot of fun with the Glo Germ simulation germs with games, activities or just demonstrations. You just need to decide the health principle to taught then insert the Glo Germ System. It is very easy to see how the simulation germs can used for the students' benefit.

If you would like help how to insert Glo Germ then contact us and we can help! Thanks for reading. We hope you can continually teach great healthy habits!

Glo Germ Kits for Health Teachers and Schools

Glo Germ Mini Kit

Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit
(2 oz Gel, 1.2 oz Powder, LED Flaslight Black Light)

Glo Germ Classic Gel Kit
(8 oz Gel, 1.9 oz Powder, Small flashlight Black Light, 1 Battery, Small Carrying Case)
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