Outdoor Ambassadors/Ambasadoret e Natyres has had great experiences cooperating and collaborating with the following organizations and projects:

Aarhus Information Center (AIC) - AN has partnered with AIC on previous grant applications and with the succesful Green Up Albania project mentioned below.

Hotel Rilindja - Hotel Rilindja helped coordinate the Valbona Trail Project in April, 2010, and offered subsidized meal and accomodation rates to the 23 volunteers that participated in the project. Nestled by the Valbona River with the stunning Dinaric Alps rising all around it, the AN volunteers couldn't have asked for a better home-base for their succesful weekend project.

Green Up Albania - Green Up Albania is a project organized by the Aarhus Information Center in Vlore that encouraged AN clubs throughout Albania to come and make the statement on or near Earth Day, 2010, that a dirty environment was unacceptable and that youth across the nation care about making change. Environmental cleanups in multiple locations 

Outdoor Albania Association (OAA) - OAA has implemented many projects that have benefited the tourism economy and environment of Albania. Considering the organization's experience with the sustainable development of some of the most beautiful and pristine areas in Albania, Outdoor Ambassadors anticipates collaborating with OAA on many environmental volunteer projects in the future.were

Vodafone Albania Foundation - Vodafone Albania Foundation has supported Outdoor Ambassadors through 2 grants, one in 2009, and one currently operating in 2010. They have attended and supported OA camps and trainings and are eager to support the work of the local clubs in their future community projects. As it explains on its website, the foundation aims to allocate grants to local organizations, including non-profit organizations and other civil society institutions or individuals through specific programs in order to respond to community needs. It also will benefit from developments in mobile technology as widely as possible, protecting the environment, national culture and heritage, as well as supporting and meeting the local community needs and interests. implemented as a result.