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Club Name: Ambasadoret e Natyres Lushnje

Club Leader: Kip Guthrie

Nr. of members: 13

We started this OA group at the beginning of the year with students interested in doing something to make the people of Lushnje more proud of their city and to help keep it clean. The big picture is to try and alter the mentalities of people who think that there's nothing individuals can do themselves or as a group here to make a difference. The kids are also interested in going on hikes, excursions, and camping trips which we have big plans for- just trying to find the right time and money.

On Wednesday, March 28, we had a BAKE SALE in front of the lulishta at Luna Park near the center. We all baked and prepared different embelsira and had them displayed on tables we borrowed from the museum coffee shop with little signs noting how expensive each item was. We also had signs that the students made which we taped on the tables and also displayed with a flipchart board that explained who we are and what our purposes and goals are. Oh yeah- we also have group t-shirts now that we made with spray paint and stencils! This fundraising method might not be the most ambitious as far
as the amount of money that we would be able to make, but it serves a double purpose in being able to send a message out there as well- so we liked the idea. At the end of the day, we sold everything we made and ended up making more money then what we had planned in case we did actually sell everything. I suppose some people were extra generous- which is awesome! 

The kids are all interested in going to Tirana for the Smartmob dance, so we will use our bake sale funds to pay for our travel expenses for that on April 22nd!

Club Update from March 22nd-April 4th, 2012 Newsletter.