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Club Name: Ambasadorët e Natyres Kukës (AN Kukës) 
Club Leader(s): Sona Shehu & Scott Swisher
# of Members: 23 regular attendees, 30 on the roster, but we are recruiting!
Club Motto: Create positive, tangible environmental impacts on the Kukes region and prepare OA members to become future leaders. 
Facebook page: OA Kukës

Current Events:
  • We are working on a Constitution. Once the Constitution is completed we will focus on recruiting, doing an activity and then probably an excursion.
Past Events:
  • 2012: In July thirteen (13) members of our club went on a 2-day, 1-night excursion in Valbona and Bajram Curri with the Regional Governor; the excursion was funded entirely by the Regional Government. The excursion included fun activities, socializing, visiting and discussing tourism and environmental concerns with local government and citizens and brainstorming activity ideas for cleaning up Valbona and other sites in the Kukes Region. In August several of our members collaborated with a local youth NGO, RSL, and attended a several day excursion on Gjallica Mountain, where they engaged in fun activities and training sessions to develop leadership skills.

Typical Meeting Location

American Corner, Pallati Kultures

Updated: 5.28.2013