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Club Name: Outdoor Ambassadors Koplik 
Club Leader(s): John & Meagen Sassman, and Geena Torti
# of Members: 20-25
Facebook page: OA Koplik
Club Description: The mission of Outdoor Ambassadors Koplik is to promote environmental awareness, develop leadership and team-building skills for youth. With these tools, members are prepared to lead environmental activities, educated their peers and help their community. 

Past Events:
  • 2013: OA Koplik raised funds through school bake sales and used the money to go on numerous hikes and excursions around the city as well as a field trip to the castle in Shkoder. They participated and volunteered at the 6th Annual Peace Run organized by The Door-Shkoder and while there raised enough money to send three club members to the Outdoor Ambassadors Youth Leadership Conference in Elbasan this past April. Their efforts helped raise enough money so the conference was almost entirely funded by OA clubs!
  • 2012: OA Koplik re-vamped the group by accepting members based on applications and introduced a new curriculum format into meetings to help broaden the club's knowledge of Environmental issues. Holiday theme parties, school fundraisers, and numerous outdoor activities were carried out by the group. One of the big projects OA Koplik volunteered at was the Peace Cup in Koplik in October. They helped to keep the facility clean while encouraging guests to stop littering. They helped teach outdoor games that promoted exercise and healthy living.
  • 2011: Our last activities from this year was a day trip, hike, scavenger hunt, and day of games in Razem, Albania. 

Updated 5.28.2013